Esprit Halloween Macro Dance Show

If you haven’t already realized, I’m a big fan of Esprit. I love watching their dance performances, and even after all this time I’m continually impressed with the concept of Macro Dance and how these incredibly talented people have taken the essential elements of the game and turned it into something much more.

I recently attended Esprit’s Halloween show, which is now my favorite. I’m pretty biased because I love Halloween and all the campy songs we associate with the holidays. Esprit has delivered its fair share of creepy classics, from Goosebumps theme music to Ghostbusters and everything in between, along with interesting or hilarious additions you wouldn’t have guessed.

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One of those surprises was a cover of Kiss Me. If you’re old like me, you’ll remember it from She’s All That. I wasn’t immediately sure how this fed into the Halloween theme, although the idea of ​​changing your appearance to woo a guy is pretty scary. However, not far into the song, it soon became apparent. This Jerry Terry version also goes by the name “Kill Me,” and it wasn’t just the song that was changed, as the dance itself had the audience jumping out of their seats. If you’re feeling brave, you can watch the video below, but please note a trigger warning for gun violence.

It wouldn’t be a true Esprit show without the troupe going all out with their routines and chosen outfits. From the first issue, you could see how well the event was built. It’s Halloween from The Nightmare Before Christmas saw the cast dressed up as Lock, Shock and Barrel. Additional dancers and costume changes incorporated the different lyrics into the dance routine, such as having dancers dressed as witches when the witches sing. Another dancer changed into a clown costume and disappeared for the lines “I’m the heartbreaking clown / Here in a flash and gone without a trace”.

The Hocus Pocus version of I Put a Spell on You saw the dancers don witch outfits inspired by Sister Sanderson, while the song from Five Nights at Freddie saw one of the dancers take the stage as Markiplier while that the other dancers were rather appropriately dressed as animals. Esprit also did a playful FF14 parody of Monster Mash called Spooky Slice about Reapers, which was hilarious and even featured a funny cameo line from Zenos.

Final Fantasy 14 Spirit at their Halloween show

The Ghostbusters number which saw the dancers dressed in proper ghost hunting gear and ghost costumes was nearly my favorite song of the night, but The Rocky Horror Picture Show’s The Time Warp managed to win me over more. . I know I know. I’m showing my age again, but the team did a great job with this number. The main dancers were dressed in Riff Raff, Magenta and Columbia while the others came out dressed in red and black with goggles, just like the supporting dancers in the original. The choreography was perfectly on point, until all the dancers collapsed to the ground at the end.

It was also great to see the new Wake Doctor gear already in use in events, and I never thought I’d find it as funny as seeing people dancing in Spirit costumes with their ghostly little arms constantly in it. air.

As always, the team delivered an unforgettable show with impressive attention to detail. Every time I see Esprit play, I wonder how they could raise the bar next time, but they just keep doing it. If you would like to keep up to date with Esprit news, you can follow the team on Twitter or join their Discord. You can also follow the songs from this Halloween show on the Esprit YouTube channel or via LuluTV’s Twitch channel.

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