Epic Reveals Upcoming Free Games, and They’re Weird

Thursday means the Epic Games Store is delivering a new round of free PC games. This week, the WW1 multiplayer game Tannenberg ($19.99) and the fantasy trading role-playing game Shop Titans are available. Next week, however, will be about living in the moment and tending to a pristine garden. Lawn Mowing Simulator will be free from July 28.

Lawn mowing simulator free next week on Epic Games

Tannenberg, a competitive and story-driven first-person shooter, is free on the Epic Games Store this week until July 28. Plus, there’s never been a better opportunity to test out Shop Titans, a free-to-play RPG simulation, as it gives away $100 worth of in-game items.

On the other hand, the game which will be free next week has already been revealed. Lawn Mowing Simulator will be free on the Epic Games Store from July 28 to August 4. Lawn Mowing Simulator offers a beautifully designed fleet of 12 licensed and real-life lawn mowing devices to ride victoriously through the British countryside. As your landscaping business grows, you will accept work to maintain the royal grounds of the castle and the lovely greens of the chalets. This sim is all about practically cutting grass, and the game’s Steam rating is a respectable “Mostly Positive.” So, it might be worth checking out.

It seems time to start playing Lawn Mowing Simulator as two DLC expansion packs will soon be added to the Epic Games Store version of the game. The first, Ancient Britain, takes you on a journey of exploring some of the ancient monuments and megaliths of England. The second is Dino Safari, and to keep the grounds attractive to visitors, you’ll need to gently mow down the tyrannosaur tracks. These DLC packs will also be available on July 28.

Overall, you can get two games, Tannenberg and Shop Titans, on the Epic Games Store this week, and next week you can enjoy Lawn Mowing Simulator for mowing.

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