Endwalker’s history, classes, and content explained

Released in November, Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker brings new classes and regions to the expansive and much-loved MMORPG. Here’s what to expect.

Release scheduled for November 23 Endwalker is the latest extension for Final Fantasy XIV. So far, every expansion of the game since its relaunch with A kingdom reborn has proven better and better, setting high expectations for this release. Covering the finale of the long battle between the gods Hydealyn and Zodiark, Endwalker sees players travel to new places, including the full moon Final fantasy tradition. But there is a lot more content to come.

Two new classes are added to the game. One is a barrier-based healer called the Sage, and the other is a magical melee fighter known as the Reaper. Previously, the Astrologer functioned as a Barrier Healer in addition to Combat Support, but this class is losing their Barrier Abilities to better focus on a range of Support Skills, leaving Sage as the only dedicated Barrier Healer. Little is known about the Reaper, although glimpses seem to imply that he will have some sort of summon or pet to help him deal a lot of damage quickly, and his primary weapon is a two-handed scythe.

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Following the support and demand of the community, a new racing option is also added to the new expansion. Male variants of the Viera, previously exclusive to women, are arriving. The developers also noted that female variants of the currently male exclusive Hrothgar are also in the works, but will not be ready when the expansion launches.

Two new areas (in addition to the moon) were also highlighted. These are the region of Thavnair, which has long been mentioned in the game, and Old Sharlyan, home of many great Final fantasy characters. Old Sharlyan will be the central town of this expansion, as will Crystarium in Shadowbringers and Kugane in Stormblood, providing ample space to explore and interact with other players.

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New content in addition to the main storyline includes two new tribes of beasts. This is a collection of side quests following the misadventures of creatures such as the Loporrit bunny or the elephant-like Arkasodara. There will also be new equipment and equipment, of course. A new round of Raids regarding Lahabrea, one of the Ascians players have reportedly encountered from the start A kingdom reborn, also comes. All of this content will undoubtedly and quickly push players to the new level cap of 90.

With a great full trailer released at Digital Fan Fest, Endwalker is expected to be a major version of Square Enix this year, capping a story that has spanned almost a decade. Still, the developers said it wasn’t the end for Final Fantasy XIV. Fans will have a new story to look forward to after this one reaches its conclusion.

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