Elden Ring Guide: Limgrave Dungeon Locations

Ring of Elden is a game filled with secrets waiting just below the surface. From optional bosses to quests that can lead to exciting treasures, it’s a vast world to explore, one that can be daunting to dive into without a guide to help you navigate your way. That’s why CGMagazine collected the details of all Limgrave’s optional dungeons at the beginning of Ring of Elden.

coastal cave

the coastal cave lies in the southwest of Limgrave, along the coast. On your way, fight a multitude of enemies, including two powerful demi-human bosses. You will be rewarded with the Sewing needle and sewing tools to complete the dungeon.

Fringefolk Hero Cave

the Fringefolk Hero Cave is a little more difficult, but offers great rewards if you decide to venture there. Located inside the stranded graveyardthe region needs two stone sword keys to get there. The area is home to a tank, grafted scions, imps, and a Ulcerated Tree Spiritso be ready for a fight.

Luckily, even though it’s difficult, it offers some tasty rewards, including Erdtree’s Favor, Dragon Communion Seala Erdtree Greatbowa golden seed and the Banished Knight Oleg Spiritual ashes.

Groveside Cave

the Groveside Cave is a great choice for the early game, as it’s not tall and has a limited number of wolf enemies. It also houses the Beastman of Farum Azulawho lets go Flamedrake Talismana great item that helps increase your resistance to fire damage.

Elden Ring Guide: Limgrave Dungeons
Flying Dragon Agheel

Dragon Burnt Ruins

the Dragon Burnt Ruins are in the middle of Lake Agheel and are protected by the Flying Dragon Agheel. You will find two sets of stairs, one that leads to a chest with a twin blade. The other leads to a room full of rats and a transport box which will take you to Sellia Crystal Tunnel in celid.

Limgrave Tunnels

For anyone looking forge stonesthe Limgrave Tunnels are a great place, especially at the beginning of Ring of Elden. It also houses the Stone Digger Trollwhich, if you defeat, will reward you with a Medallion of Roar.

Waypoint Ruins

Located south-east of West Limgrave, the Waypoint Ruins is where you will meet crazy pumpkin headand where you can talk Sellin, who will sell you incantations. The ruins are also home to a plethora of poisonous flowers, so be prepared.

Mistwood Ruins

Traveling through East Limgrave you will encounter a ghost, follow it and they will take you to Mistwood Ruins. It is here that you will meet for the first time Blaid and where you can fight a Lesser Rune Bear and collect the Ax Talismana good thing for ax builds as it increases the damage dealt with the weapon type.

Catacombs of Troubled Waters

the Catacombs of Troubled Waters house the Tomb Guardian Duelist. It is this fight that can allow you to claim the battle hammer war hammer. It is an excellent weapon and can be infused with ashes of war and polished with Magic and Consumables.

murky water cave

For people familiar with FromSoftware games, murky water cave is where you will encounter Patches (Fix Untethered). If you spare his life, he will become a merchant that you can eventually take advantage of in Liurnia.

Stormfoot Catacombs

Located on the west side of West Limgrave, the Stormfoot Catacombs are just northwest of Elleh’s Church. You will find the spiritual ashes, the Wandering Noble Ashes and the Noble Sorcerer Ashes inside, although you must eliminate imps and Erdtree Graves Watchdogso be ready for a fight.

Water Summoning Village

Located northeast of Limgrave, Water Summoning Village is part of the D, Death Hunter quest line, and is guarded by a Tibia Mariner. If you choose to travel to this area, make sure you have a Stone Sword Keysince you will need it to unlock the room with the Green Turtle Talismana great addition to help improve your stamina recovery.

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