EFL clubs say Premier League’s £ 50million bailout must be grants, not loans

What has been agreed?

A £ 50million COVID-19 bailout for clubs in League One and Two was finally agreed on Thursday evening, after months of stalemate between the Premier League and the EFL.

The rescue was initially rejected by clubs from League One and Two out of solidarity with their league counterparts.

“The suggested split between grants and loans was completely unacceptable and we would not allow the Premier League to divide the 72 EFL clubs,” said a League Two president. Athletic of the initial offer.

That attitude softened, however, with the news that an agreement between the Premier League and Championship was near.

Catlin, Portsmouth’s Premier League CEO, said Athletic: “What has changed is that they now have the certainty that [Championship clubs] can negotiate something separately with the Premier League, with no strings attached, so the last thing they want to do is stand in the way of any club further down the pyramid that needs urgent help.

“We just need to sort out the details now. It is a positive and essential step. “

What do League One and Two clubs want?

Initially, the Premier League’s £ 50million offer to clubs in League One and Two included £ 20million in grants and £ 30million in loans.

However, clubs in League One and Two want the entire £ 50million package to be in the form of grants.

A League One president said Athletic: “[The bailout] should be grants. I don’t want loans, I got the club out of debt, so I don’t want to be in debt by the Premier League.

Catlin of Portsmouth added: “A clear message has come back to the Premier League that this help really needs to come in the form of grants, not loans.”

What about championship clubs?

Athletic understands that the Premier League has offered a separate bailout package for league clubs.

In a statement released Thursday evening, the EFL said: “Following extensive debate in all three divisions, a tentative collective agreement has been reached to move forward and finalize negotiations, with league clubs making it clear today They wanted to secure their colleagues from League One and League Two received the proposed £ 50million financial backing package to cover the losses of doors for 2019-20 and 2020-2021 as soon as possible.

“Championship clubs have also recognized that discussions regarding the levels of support they will receive will continue.”

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