Educators participate in active marksmanship training before the school year

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) – There are only a few weeks left before the students return to class – and the Pima County Sheriff’s Department is gearing up. Today, MPs worked with school staff to teach them how to react to the unthinkable – a school shooting.

A shooter walks into a classroom. You only have a few seconds to react. What are you doing?

There are three reactions you can have when facing a situation like this. It is to run, to hide, to fight according to the most reasonable reaction of the moment. So if you remember those three terms, that’s basically the model we teach with active shooting, ”said James Allerton, public information officer for PCSD.

The PCSD and other agencies began the second round of active marksmanship training at Desert View High School on Tuesday, June 29. The officers will train around 400 educators and school staff in three different locations for three weeks. The training includes lectures and real-life scenarios. After each scenario, officers review what happened and what could have been done better.

According to, there have been eight school shootings since early 2021.

“We hope these events don’t happen in our community, but if they do, we want people to be prepared to respond in ways that could save lives,” Allerton said.

Officers say this training is an important tool not only for teachers, but also for staff and students.

I think they’ll take away that it’s a real thing. It’s really happening in our community. It’s really happening across our country, ”said Ryan Powell, director of security for the Sunnyside Unified School District.

Katrina Quijada plays a role in the storylines as a college student. This is her second year volunteering.

It’s great for teachers. And it also helps me to train because I see it again and again. If I’m ever in a situation, I know what to do, ”she said.

Quijada hopes that this training will encourage everyone to be better prepared and to take all possible training to prevent active shooter situations from occurring.

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