Edinburgh Dungeon launches new “owned” experience

Visitors will participate in an attempt to rid the dungeons of the spirit.

The new dungeon experience ‘Posseded: Exorcise the spirit of Pearlin Jean, will tell the story of a vengeful ghost and the origin of how she came to take control of the dungeons. A wealthy merchant named Lord Stewart in the 1600s, Pearlin Jean traveled to Scotland from Paris to find Lord Stewart had another family at home. Jean was subsequently killed in a tragic accident.

Guests join in on the show as a medium tries to dispel the spirit and bring normalcy back to the attraction, visitors who dare to enter the dungeons this month will experience the usual ghostly and spooky stories, as well as ‘help the psychic extract Jean’s mind, as they delve into Edinburgh’s darkest history.

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Kathryn Angel, Managing Director of Edinburgh Dungeons, said: “Here at the Edinburgh Dungeon we have a habit of scaring people and since it’s Halloween, the scariest party of the year, it’s okay. that we raise our level of fear. The little-known story of Pearlin Jean is one of Scotland’s most gruesome and tragic tales, so we can’t wait to see how people react to his evil exorcism. We can already hear the cries!

The Exorcise the Spirit of Pearlin Jean show will run from Saturday October 16 through Sunday October 31, with particularly spooky shows only for adults from Friday October 29 through Sunday October 31 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

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