Economical ways to spend your “Undas” stay

A long weekend is coming! While some people plan “big” vacations, some of us just don’t have the budget to do so. Here are some recommendations on how to spend your Undas break without crushing your wallet.

Virtual parties

Even though the restrictions are already comfortable, let’s face it, virtual parties are wow cheaper than hosting or attending face-to-face parties.

Virtual Halloween Parties

Virtual Halloween parties were quite common during the height of the pandemic. People’s creativity was tested when they had to think of costumes that can translate well to the screen. Well, for this year you can up the ante by adding a Powerpoint presentation segment – you can start with those Halloween topics featured by the POP! crew.

Speaking of costumes…

Role games

Since you are already in costume, why not make a role play adapted to the theme of the party?

Role-playing can take many forms: you can do a murder mystery game in which participants try to solve a murder during the party.

“Werewolf” or “Among Us” concepts are also fun ways to really get the party started. These activities test the acting skills of friends.

But, if you want a more complex, in-depth, and elaborate role-playing game, you can try Dungeon and Dragons (DnD), a classic tabletop game that has now moved on to virtual gaming. Unofficial campaigns feature homemade scenarios that were created by “Dungeon Masters“.

campfire stories

If role-playing games are too complex and awkward, old-school but classic ghost story sharing is still a viable option.

With the added element of virtual space, shared sound, background music can contribute to the overall mood of the storytelling.

movie marathon

If telling ghost stories is tedious for your friends, movie marathons are a tried-and-true way to pass the spooky season. Check your favorite streaming platforms for newly added horror and thriller movies in their October-November catalog.

Economic city tour.

If you’re up for some face-to-face adventure, a walk through the cityscape can be another great way to spend the weekend.

Photo by: Aris Jhon Galang / POP! junior contributor

Intramuros After Dark: Night Walking Tours and Beyond offers a walking tour of the walled city at night. The tours have different themes to keep the audience hooked.

Photo by: Aris Jhon Galang / POP! junior contributor

If you want to ditch the spooky old days in favor of fun and excitement, you can head to Riverbanks in Marikina to enjoy food and rides (one at a time, please avoid Linda Blair-ing the last meal you ate).

Photo by: Aris Jhon Galang / POP! junior contributor

You can also consult the tiangge (night market)!

Undas Weekend Season
Photo by: Aris Jhon Galang / POP! junior contributor

If you are not leaving for the province this Undas, take the opportunity to further explore the city which is less traffic jam between October 30 and November 2. /VERMONT

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