Each secret level and how to find them

Minecraft dungeons is filled with many unique maps for players to explore and battle monsters. Each has a set theme that can give players an idea of ​​what to expect when dealing with each of them. However, there are also some hidden secret levels that players can experience if they can find them.

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Players won’t be able to access secret levels from the main map menu until they get the secret level scroll, so knowing which cards to check to access each one is crucial. What’s also important is knowing what to look for as each map is procedurally generated, making it difficult to point players in a specific direction.

Spooky crypt

Spooky crypt in Minecraft dungeons

The Creeper Crypt can be accessed off the paths that start from the main road, with most parts finding it on the left side of the map. The structure of the parchment is easy to spot as it will have two redstone bricks just above a button that is on the ground. Once played the step on the button, a door will open and they will be in the crypt. The level is filled with different tombs and will contain many creatures that will also need to be killed. Although there is a lot of loot and secrets to be found, the main mission is to find the lost tome.

Arch Haven

Arch Haven in Minecraft Dungeons

One of the hardest scrolls to find in the game is the secret Arch Haven level. Players can access it by visiting the Pumpkin Pastures if the player finds a small ship that has an entrance directly on its deck. It has a low spawn rate, so players may need to keep replaying the level to spot it. The ship will have the parchment inside. Arch Haven is a small island outpost that has a small village and cave. The goal of the level is to find all the grimoires in the village.

Soggy cave

Soggy caves in Minecraft dungeons

Located in Soggy Swamp is the Soggy Cave scroll and besides a difficult spawn rate, there is also no clearly defined area to look for it. Two things to watch out for are if players encounter cobblestone stairs and check to see if there are at least two secrets in an area. The paved stairs will lead to an entrance that leads to the parchment. The soggy cave is filled with different monsters that need to be fought as well as puzzles to be solved. The last room in the area will have an Obsidian Chest waiting for the player.

Lower temple

Lower temple in Minecraft dungeons

The lower level of the temple is, as the name suggests, the lower levels of the Desert Temple. To access this area, players will need to reach a bridge over the water. Players must go to the upper left room where they will need to power three beacons which are at the end of several paths in the room.

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There will be a parchment on a pedestal. The lower temple is very similar to the normal temple in gameplay but looks more in ruins. Players must use a Key Golem to open the exit to the secret level.


Underhalls in Minecraft dungeons

Players will have a much easier time finding the entrance to the Underhalls scroll compared to everyone else. All they’ll have to do is walk to the end of the first hallway in Highblock Halls and go through the door in front of them instead of going up the stairs. Once down a few steps, players will only have to click on the two shields on the wall to open the entrance to the secret. The parchment will be inside. The Underhalls are called the main level cellar. The level is similar to Creepy Crypt in that it has a lot of traps and crowd rushes resembling an arena.


The secret level of Mooshroom ???  in Minecraft Dungeons

Probably the weirdest secret level in the game is the one that is literally titled “???”. To access this location, players must have collected all the runes in the game (with clues given inside the campsite church) and have beaten the Obsidian Pinnacle. The Church is where players can access the scroll after completing the Rune Collection. In “???”, players will find themselves in a Mushroom Island biome who will have to kill a group of Mooshroom in order to escape the area, including the Mooshroom Monstrosity.

Pandas Plateau

Panda tray in Minecraft dungeons

Panda Plateau is the first of the secret DLC levels added since the release of Minecraft dungeons few years ago. As part of the Jungle Awakens DLC, the Panda Plateau can be unlocked by visiting the Dark Jungle. Players must get the scroll to unlock it, which can be located during the objective cross the canyon. After taking a rope bridge and past a climbing plant statue, this path should lead to either an obsidian chest or an entrance where the scroll is located. The board itself is rather tame without a few aggressive jungle monsters.

Lost settlement

Illusioner combat in Minecraft dungeons

Players must visit the Frosty Fjord in the Creeping Winter DLC and find an area with three switches in order to start researching the Lost Settlement scroll. After pressing all three switches, go through the entrance and walk forward until a waterwheel appears.

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Activate it to open a new path that will lead to an area with a switch on the ground. This will allow players to jump on the water and access the ship with the scroll inside. The Lost Settlement features a colony to explore and waves of mobs that end in a boss battle with the Illusioner.

Colossal rampart

Colossal bulwark in Minecraft dungeons

As part of the Howling Peaks DLC, players can experience Windswept Peaks while seeking access to Colossal Rampart. Players need to be deep in the main level to start looking for the Colossal Rampart scroll. Players will need to find a door that they will have to jump onto a platform to access. Once there, players will only have to browse the level to earn the scroll that will unlock the level on the main menu of the map. The Colossal Wall is a fortress filled with crowds, puzzles, and two war machines that are only used to get through the level.

Nether Fortress

Withers on a Nether Fortress in Minecraft Dungeons

To accompany the Nether update for the real game, the Flames of the Nether DLC has added three new levels as well as three secret levels. The first is the Nether Fortress, located in the basalt deltas. Players will have the chance to access this area if they get the “Power The Gates” objective as they will receive the scroll after defeating the Ghast. The Nether Fortress is very reminiscent of the structure of the Nether Fortresses in Minecraft, but the number of enemies the player will encounter is significantly increased.

Crimson Forest

Crimson Forest in Minecraft Dungeons

The two forest variants are in Minecraft dungeons as separate levels, with the main Warped Forest level required to access the secret Crimson Forest level. The main objective of Warped Forest is to “find the key”. Players will have to survive a massive ambush, but after that they will be able to access previously closed doors. There should be a staircase right there that will lead to the Crimson Forest Scroll. Players can take a beating in this area and will need to be careful as the roads meander just above near death.

Soul Sand Valley

Soul Sand Valley in Minecraft dungeons

This is the only circumstance in the game where a scroll is inside a secret level and will be used to unlock another secret level. In this case, players will need to navigate the Crimson Forest to unlock Soul Sand Valley. Players will need to specifically search for the scroll during the “Raise The Gate” objective. He will be seated on a similar pedestal just like the other circumstances. Soul Sand Valley is considered one of the most difficult levels in the game because it has an army of different Nether monsters that will attack the player, but it reaped a nice reward.

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