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Square Enix knows how to create unforgettable characters. Which lead member of the Final Fantasy 8 group looks the best?

Final Fantasy VIII has one of the best bands in the Square Enix series. All six main characters play major roles throughout the game and have become very popular with fans. Additionally, this entry continued the trend of defining a fantasy game in a more modern setting much like Final Fantasy VII.

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While the six characters are known for their very different personalities, they are also known for their iconic and unique looks. Some have undergone some minor changes while appearing outside of the game and others have remained the same. Here’s how the characters rank based on their design.

Warning: Only major party members will be included, so temporary playable characters like Laguna Loire and Ward Zabac will not count.

6 Selphie tilmitt

FF8 Character Designs Ranked Selphie Tilmitt

The happiest character wears a yellow dress to match her demeanor and hide that she has one of the strongest Limit Breaks in the game. The brightness of the dress makes Selphie stand out no matter where she is, but it’s not really practical for SeeD missions.

Selphie’s general appearance is lacking in her character. Her dress is the only thing that matches her personality, but her accessories and boots don’t add much to her design.

5 Irvine Kinneas

FF8 Character Designs ranked Irvine Kinneas

With his cowboy hat and long khaki jacket, Irvine has a style that will grab attention for seconds. The cowboy hat adds beautiful appeal and enhances the charm of the character. Irvine’s design matches the southern gentleman attitude he tries to adopt while impressing the ladies.

The brown leggings closely match Irvine’s jacket, which makes her outfit monochrome and a bit simple. The cowboy look is perfect for Irvine as he is a sniper and uses a pistol as his primary weapon.

4 Quistis Trepe

FF8 Character Designs Ranked Quistis Trepe

Quistis’ design is monochrome like Irvine, but the salmon-colored vest and skirt make her stand out. While the pants under her skirt look a bit unnecessary, it allows Quistis to move around without having to worry about the constriction her skirt might give her if she wasn’t wearing anything underneath. But her skirt adds a pretty feminine and sophisticated touch that seems to suit the youngest instructor of Balamb Garden.

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Quistis’ cuffs and gloves also keep her covered while adding protection. Even on a mission, Quistis makes sure to stay stylish while making sure her outfit doesn’t get in the way.

3 Zell Dincht

FF8 Character Designs Listed Zell Dincht

With his brash demeanor and energetic personality, Zell has an outfit that matches him perfectly with his fighting style. His black vest with a red design is very elegant and adds a nice edginess to him. His long denim shorts allow him to easily perform his martial arts movements. One thing that sets Zell apart from the rest of his friends is the large tribal tattoo he has on the left side of his face.

If fans look closely, the tattoo resembles the facial tattoo of world famous boxer Mike Tyson. Since Zell is a martial artist, it wouldn’t be surprising if his tattoo was inspired by Tyson. Additionally, Zell doesn’t need to reach for his weapon at all since his fists are his weapon of choice.

2 Rinoa Heartilly

FF8 Character Designs Ranked Rinoa Heartilly

One of the most popular heroines of the Final fantasy series. Rinoa’s design is memorable because of its uniqueness. Her long sleeveless sweater with white angel wings on the back adds a certain elegance to her outfit. There are more feminine elements in her outfit like the black tank top with a V-neck and her blue skirt. However, Rinoa is always ready to move quickly when needed and wears biker shorts as well as black boots that keep her from looking too girly.

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Compared to the designs by Quistis and Selphie, Rinoa certainly stands out among the three. In addition, its look serves as a foil to Ultimecia’s design and personality. Rinoa was also the subject of a character creation contest, and a new look called Rinoa by Dion Rogers has become a huge hit with cosplayers.

1 Gale Leonhart

FF8 Character Designs Ranked Squall Leonhart

Squall has one of the most memorable designs of the set Final fantasy series. Known for its cold character, its design matches it perfectly. With his black leather bomber jacket and matching black leather pants, Squall looks a lot like the SeeD mercenary he is. While its interconnected belts look a bit silly, they add a unique trait to the set.

Squall’s Griever pendant also shows how much he idolizes this mythical being. Additionally, Squall uses the Griever design for its blade and ring which Rinoa wears on a collar. The Griever symbol is also part of Squall’s design for the Kingdom Hearts games and is shown on his jackets.

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