Each gang in the game, ranked according to how dangerous it is

Since the announcement of Cyberpunk Orion Project, there are a lot of things that fans are hoping to see. Rather than just being human, many hope to become less human and more chrome. Whether or not that will happen has yet to be discussed, but until then there are other things to do in Cyberpunk 2077 and implants to be tested.

Cybernetic implants are not only fun to use, they are also useful against the enemies players face throughout the game. One of the most common is gangs throughout the city and its neighborhoods. Each gang has a different threat level which includes low, medium, high, and extreme, and more often than not they all pose a threat to players, some more than others.


10/10 The Mox

There are many types of gangs in different parts of the city, each with a purpose and a reason to exist. The Mox were formed after the death of club owner Lizzie Borden and continue to neglect Watson and Westbrook.

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The Mox is considered a low-level threat, at least to players. Players who assume the role of V should try to get the gang to attack them, but it’s better to stay on their good side than cause trouble in their territory.

9/10 The Aldecaldos

In Cyberpunk 2077there are multiple endings, and one of best endings to choose is to ask Panam for help. This includes not only the stubborn nomad, but also the entire nomad clan, the Aldecaldos.

For players who assume the role of V, the Aldecaldos are a low level threat. However, to others they pose a much bigger threat, and in the end players choose who includes Panam, they can see just how strong one of the Badlands’ biggest nomadic groups is.

8/10 Voodoo boys

Not everyone can be trusted in Night City, especially those in the gangs. One of the gangs players will encounter that are not to be trusted is the Voodoo Boys.

The Voodoo Boys are seen in the Pacifica neighborhood and aren’t afraid to betray those they have made deals with, especially if they can get rid of the person quickly. In person, the gang is considered a low-level threat, but on the Net, that level reaches an extreme level.

7/10 scavengers

Players will quickly discover that not all gangs will reside in a district. One of the most common gangs players will see throughout the game is the Scavengers.

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Scavengers, or Scavs, pose a mid-level threat and are spread throughout the city, but the neighborhoods overwhelmed by the gang are North Pacifica and Southern Wellsprings. The gang is notorious for kidnapping people, forcibly harvesting their cyberware, and disposing of what’s left of the body. It is in the player’s best interest to always keep a weapon handy when dealing with Scavs.

6/10 6th street

There is a lot of great quotes that come from Johnny Silverhand. One of these quotes describes how much he hates the 6th Street gang, and there are plenty of reasons to hate them.

6th Street oversees the Santo Domingo and Heywood neighborhoods. The gang abuses its power and forces small businesses in the neighborhood to pay tribute and protect the money, along with many other horrific crimes. The gang is a mid-level threat and players should always be prepared to deal with it.

5/10 Tyger’s Claws

The Tyger Claws are among the most ruthless and dangerous gangs that roam the streets of Night City. They are among the many gangs that players will encounter and make enemies with.

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The Tyger Claws call Westbrook and Watson home and are known for their light tattoos, fast bikes, katanas, and tantos. They are also known for their drug distribution and human trafficking. They pose a mid-level threat and their blades deal a lot of damage that can quickly deplete players’ health bars.

4/10 The Valentinos

There is a lot of great side quests and gigs throughout the game for players to participate. One of the many gigs players can work on comes from former Valentino gang member Sebastian Ibarra.

The high threat level gang resides in the Heywood District. The gang wears flashy clothes, jewelry, and tattoos. For the most part, they run legal businesses such as restaurants. However, while it might seem innocent enough, they are just as dirty as any other gang, and unfortunately, players end up making enemies with them, one way or another.

3/10 The Specters

Although there aren’t as many gangs and neighborhoods in the Badlands, the Badlands still have plenty of dangers waiting for players. Two spots, in particular, are the Rocky Ridge and a gang campground.

The Wraiths are one of those gangs known to be sadistic. The high profile gang is known to kidnap and hold prisoners for ransom or pleasure, as well as many other crimes. Players will face this gang in the gigs they take on, so it’s best to be prepared against sadists who carry guns.

2/10 Animals

Besides the variety of weapons that will help players throughout their stay in Night City, there are many perks that are good to have. With weapons and the perks that empower them, players have a chance of surviving an encounter with the high-level gang known as the Animals.

Animals are not only dangerous, but they are also intimidating in the way they behave and what they look like. Gang members will often take steroids and participate in brutal tests of skill and strength. Their melee combat is something players will need to be aware of as one hit can decrease their health in seconds.

1/10 Maelstrom

While the animals may seem like the most dangerous gang in Night City, there is one that the citizens of the city fear the most. This gang is called the Maelstrom and plagues the districts of Watson, Northside and Kabuki.

The extreme threat level gang is considered the most violent, and they earned that title for a reason. They are known for their brutal and vicious attacks which include experimenting on those they have captured, and those who do not make it out alive are found dismembered, skinned alive, or found in wet concrete. Players must stock up on supplies and prepare to encounter these twisted individuals who will be waiting to tear them apart.

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