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Yoozoo Games has updated its mobile card game, Dynasty Scrolls, with four new limited-time characters. The update is now available for iOS and Android devices.

As the Battle of the Three Kingdoms rages on, each warring faction is now receiving new reinforcements with the four new playable heroes available through Saturday.

This update for Dynasty Scrolls introduces the Mythic Class, which is a brand new class providing an additional skill bonus on top of existing hero skills. Each of the four new characters arriving in the update has a Skill cap which is raised to a higher level than the other heroes, allowing a serious competitive advantage over the usual hero choices.

The four new characters are Cao Jie from the Wei faction, Zhuge Guo from the Shu faction, Sun Luban from the Wu faction, and Lu Lingqi from the Warlord faction. Each of them has their own special attacks and attributes which are highlighted in this trailer below.

If you don’t know what Dynasty Scrolls is, it’s a mobile role-playing game for iOS and Android, set in the Three Kingdoms period of ancient China. You play as a young general alongside other historical figures to become a force for change in the old dynasty. A team effort of over a hundred artists, the game features beautiful character design and strategic gameplay utilizing an endless array of skills and synergy combinations.

Dynasty Scrolls is now available for download from IOS App Store and the Google Play for Android store, where it’s a free game with in-app purchases.

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