Dungeons of Sundaria is celebrating on Steam next week

Cooperative Dungeons

Dungeons need to be searched. Gather your friends and get ready for adventure. Today, Industry Games is happy to announce that its co-op dungeon runner, Dungeons of Sundaria, is coming to Steam on July 18th. A press release for the game provides more details about the Steam release. Additionally, players can watch the game’s trailer to get a glimpse of what to expect.

Dungeons of Sundaria introduces players to a fantasy world of classic fantasy racing. Players will create their characters, choosing from one of five races and five classes, and dive into 4-player co-op action. Of course, players will face dungeons of varying difficulty. Additionally, the playstyle needed for each dungeon changes, meaning players will always need to be prepared. Of course, players can choose to explore dungeons solo or even in local co-op, but teaming up with a diverse group is the key to victory.

The game features player customization. Choose either Champion, Cleric, Ranger, Rogue, and Wizard, then change your look. Of course, the game also features a whole variety of weapons, armor, and even skills that players can use to make their character their own. Additionally, the game also introduces players to a fleshed-out crafting system. The crafting system allows players to upgrade their gear and modify it beyond what it started out with. Of course, players can experience the game’s features from the launch trailer.

Dungeons of Sundaria will be released in Early Access on Steam on July 18. So, are you eager to dive into dungeons?


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