Dungeons of Edera is leaving Early Access later this year

There is no shortage of dungeon crawler titles. But how many can say that each dungeon offers a real challenge? And with some procedurally generated levels missing, it’s hard to match. But Dungeons of Edera, from the spirit of Monster Tooth Studios, is sure to win fans on Steam.

Dungeons of Edera Features and release date

Looking to take on hordes of enemies? Then this is a dungeon crawler for you. In addition to the tough boss fights, here are a few other features:

  • Strive for unity – The campaign spans three unique adventures, set to overthrow the oppressive kingdom of Oswary.
  • A unique experience – Each level of Dungeons of Edera is procedurally generated. So this will help keep the players on their toes. In addition to the random layouts, you will never have the same consecutive battle. Always expect the unexpected.
  • Handle your skills like a weapon – It has an extensive skill tree. This will allow full customization of a Warrior’s skill set. And allow players to create a character that suits them.
  • Roll in gold – There is literally tons of loot to be had. And with the relic giving multiple boosts, you will be able to strengthen your character. So make sure you grab all the loot you can.
  • A lasting legacy – Don’t worry if your first adventure doesn’t go well. You can see their influence in your next play-through. And if that’s not enough, hire a blacksmith for rare weapons or a mage to unlock magical abilities.

Dungeons of Edera is currently available on Steam in Early Access. You can buy the title now for $ 14.99. Note that the game is currently still in development. But players should see the title release in the fourth quarter of 2021. Add it to your Steam wishlist to stay up to date on all published news.

What part of the game are you most looking forward to? Let me know in the comments!

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