Dungeons & Dragons: New Demogorgon Figure Announced

The Prince of Demons returns to the table. WizKids announced this week that Demogorgon would be the next demon lord to have his likeness immortalized as Realms D&D Icons figure. The two-headed demon lord was one of Dungeons & Dragons’ first antagonists, appeared in the first game Monster Manual. In recent years, Demogorgon has become a household name when the Netflix series stranger things borrowed its name from Barb’s Monster Eater who served as the Season 1 antagonist.

Demogorgon is the fourth demon prince to appear in WizKids’ D&D Icon of the Realms line, following the undead Orcus, the slimy Juiblex, and Yeenoghu, the demon lord of the gnolls. The Demon Princes are considered the most powerful of the Archdemons and rule over vast swaths of the Infinite Abyss from which all demons in the D&D Multiverse originate. Demogorgon is both a Demon Prince and the Prince of Demons, the latter being a title Demogorgon earned by defeating the former Prince of Demons. Due to his status, Demogorgon has made many powerful enemies in the Abyss, but he maintains his power through raw power. What’s truly terrifying is that Demogorgon would be even more powerful if its two heads weren’t in total conflict. His left head Aameul and his right head Hethradiah have distinct personalities and motivations and clash eternally. Despite this, his mesmerizing gaze, grueling tail, and whip-like arms that instantly rot anything they touch still make the Demogorgon one of D&D’s most fearsome monsters.

(Photo: WizKids)

The Demogorgon figure is designed for tabletop combat and will retail for $89.99. The figure is expected to hit stores in September.

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