Dungeons & Dragons makes big changes to Goblin lore

Dungeons & Dragons made a distinct shift in his lore in his latest book. Released earlier this week, monsters of the multiverse provides players and DMs with a unique compendium that brings together many monsters and player races introduced in various D&D books over the past year. While the D&D design change was using monsters of the multiverse as a chance to make mechanical overhauls to the creatures and player races found in the book, they also made a handful of changes to the game’s lore.

Perhaps the most significant of these changes is providing the goblinoid races (goblins, hobgoblins, and goblins) with a new origin story. In monsters of the multiverse, it is revealed that the three races all originally lived in the feywild. The goblinoid races were all driven from the Feywild in ancient times by the conquering goblin god Magulbiyet and most goblins, hobgoblins and bugbears have no memory of their past in the Feywild.

In a new video posted by the D&D Design Team (see below), lead D&D rules designer Jeremy Crawford notes that this change builds on existing lore that dates back to 1st Edition, which introduced the goblin god Magulbiyet as a conquering god but never delved so deeply into what goblins, hobgoblins and goblins were before they were conquered. Crawford also noted that giving goblins fairy ancestry brought the creatures closer to real-world folklore, which often links goblins to the fairy realm.

All three races have the “Fey Ancestry” trait in monsters of the multiverse as a result of the new lore, hobgoblins receive a new Fey Gift ability that replaces their martial training trait of Volo’s guide to monsters. All three races have other traits that are also explained as having ties to their faerie ancestry. For example, Goblins’ Fury of the Small ability is explained as a gift from the Queen of Air and Darkness, while a Bugbear’s Sneaky Trait is also explained as a Fairy Gift.

Given D&D’s recent focus on the Feywild, it’s possible we’ll see more Feywild lore in other books in the near future, especially since monsters of the multiverse seems to be paving the way for a move away from the Forgotten Realms as the game’s primary campaign setting.

monsters of the multiverse is available now as part of the Rules expansion gift set. A standalone version of the book will be published in May.

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