Dungeons & Dragons Inspirational Book Announced

An official license Dungeons & Dragons inspirational book will be released next year. How to become more D&D: face your dragons, be more adventurous and live your best geek life is an inspiring new book written by Kat Kruger, the dungeon master for the popular podcast d20 Ladies and author of several D&D products, including a series of D&D adventures related to the release of the D&D theme the nerds candy products earlier this year. The book, published by Hachette Book Group, will be released on August 23, 2022.

The book is another sign of the size Dungeons & Dragons has become in recent years. Not only does the game reach millions of new players each year, with products available for sale at major retailers like Target and Wal-Mart, the franchise has also released several licensed books in recent months, including a novel at success of YA. A Dungeons & Dragons The film is currently in post-production, with a release slated for March 2023.

The official description of How to be more D&D bed :

Approach life with benefit with this officially licensed life guide inspired by the world of Dungeons & Dragons!

This entertaining and inspiring book invites fantasy lovers and fans of Dungeons & Dragon to celebrate and incorporate different elements of this iconic tabletop game into their lives and help them live their best and geekiest lives. Written by Kat Kruger, the People’s Dungeon Master Dungeons & Dragons actual reading podcast d20 Ladies, you will learn to leverage the skills, knowledge and sense of adventure of your D&D campaign to help you better understand everything from how you interact with the world around you, to dealing with the random events that life sometimes throws at you.

With advice from classic player classes, such as Fighter, Warlock, Bard, Monk, or Ranger, and ways to learn from and use your experiences as a player (or Dungeon Master) in your life daily, How to be more D&D also offers interactive elements like “Build Your Character” and “Dungeon Master Mindset”, quizzes like “What’s Your D&D Class “, and associated with colorful works of art from the world of Dungeons & Dragons. Whether it’s building your real-world ‘character’, discovering your ideal class and strengths, harnessing the three pillars of the game for everyday use, or using role-playing techniques to your advantage. , How to be more D&D explores how to enjoy the campaign known as life and is a perfect gift for any table gamer or D&D fan.

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