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Iron Studios brings fans back to 1983 as we revisit the Dungeons & Dragons animated television series. The ’80s cartoon focused on a group of six children who end up being teleported to a magical new world. With the help of their dungeon master, this group takes on this new magical realm as they try to get home. The series ran for 3 seasons offering fans 27 incredible episodes of Dungeons & Dragons, and now Iron Studios is bringing the series back with their new statue. The mighty statues stand 22 inches in height, feature Hank, Sheila, Eric, Diana, Presto, Bobby and his companion Unicorn Kingdom facing off against the Supreme Dragon known as Tiamat.

This hyrax dragon is full of colorful details, from its multicolored heads to magical effects. The Dungeons & Dragons animated series comes to life with this incredible statue as each character is recreated to perfection. This statue is massive and will make a great collector’s item in any Dungeons & Dragons collection, but explorers will need to hand out a serious coin for this bad boy. The Tiamat Battle Demi Art Scale 1/20 Dungeons & Dragons statue from Iron Studios is priced at $ 1,399. Payment plans and pre-orders are already live here, the statue is expected to be released between July and September 2022.

Iron Studios presents the epic dungeons and dragons clash in a collectible statue! On the barren and inhospitable terrain of an another-dimensional medieval world called the Realm, six young warriors raise their mystical weapons to confront the creature la most formidable and dangerous in this universe. Their leader, Hank the ranger, is about to shoot one of his energy arrows. Next to him is Sheila, the thief, who activates her power of invisibility with her cloak, represented by a semi-translucent figure. The not-so-brave Eric, the horseman, protects himself with his shield that repels magic. The agile acrobat Diana leaps with her staff and dodges the icy breath fired by one of the heads of the monstrous beast. Presto, the magician, removes a spell from his magic hat. the enemy is the impetuous Bobby, the little barbarian, alongside his companion unicorn called Uni, who strikes the ground with his club, thus opening a lava fault co between his opponent. “

The colossal figure, who is the protagonist of this work, faces the heroic group, and he is even feared by the powerful and evil sorcerer known as Venger. This centerpiece is the supreme dragon Tiamat, derived from a dragon goddess in Mesopotamian mythology. The mighty monster has five heads with different colors and powers. The main head is red, it is the only one that speaks, and it also expels the flames of the fire. To the right is the white head, which shoots freezing rays, and the green head, whose power is a puff of poison gas. On the left side is the black head, which projects acid, and the blue head, capable of emitting rays. With this breathtaking storyline, Iron Studios proudly presents its magnificent statue “Tiamat Battle Demi Art Scale 1/20 – Dungeons and Dragons – Iron Studios “, depicting the epic confrontation of the beloved protagonists of the animated series Dungeons & Dragons against their most powerful enemy. This is the ultimate piece for animation lovers !!

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