Dungeons & Dragons: 10 Best Feats For A Barbarian

Even those who don’t play Dungeons & Dragons understand the basic principle of this class. It’s also hard to miss the barbarian characters in movies and on TV. They’re usually the ones walking around shirtless, sucking mead out of a jug commensurate with their massive size. Barbarians are known for their hand-to-hand combat prowess, and depending on their history and training, ranged weapons like bows or spears are also a distinct possibility. With all the traditions that were added to the barbarians of D&D, it’s fun and interesting to create a barbarian and take on the role of one of the most uncompromising classes in the TTRPG.

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When players assemble their characters, regardless of mod or dungeon master, there comes a point where they have to choose their exploit skills. These are special abilities that players use to further customize their characters for combat and role-playing purposes. Some of the best feats in this class are obvious, with names bordering on satirical, but that’s the barbaric way. Sometimes the dungeon master just needs to hit them on the head multiple times.

ten Sustainable

D&D class assistants should add

A barbarian is usually pretty durable anyway, right? On the contrary, even though this class has a high constitution, just behind Strength in their stats, they wear no more than medium armor and are distinguished by their affinity for fighting while wearing little or nothing. It is helpful to have some help in this regard.

The Barbarian usually does damage at close range, but at the same time, he is not wearing heavy armor. This is why this feat is so useful, if not essential, for every barbarian.

9 Sentinel

Clerc Dungeons & Dragons cover

While primarily viewed as a damage class, players can build a barbaric defender, also known as a tank, with smart choices when it comes to skills, stats, and achievements.

The Sentinel feat will give a barbarian the ability to force enemies to attack them as opposed to other party members. This is known among gamers as Defender Build and destroys the myth that barbarians are all for damage.

8 Double carrier

Better build for dual handling in D&D

It’s an awe-inspiring image to see a barbarian launch into battle swinging a weapon with each hand with classes like Rangers and Rogues also choosing this versatile and useful feat. The infamous adventurer Drizzt is famous for his dual-wielding style. As great as it sounds, it works better with some versions than others.

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For barbarians who are looking for additional damage, this is ideal. If a player is building a tank, however, it would be wiser to choose an exploit that adds a specific weapon specialization or increased defense instead.

7 Grand Master of Arms

D&D 5e blacksmith builds fighters

A barbarian can combine the weapon master’s ability with his affinity for two-handed weapons and deal even greater damage. This feat grants the player an additional attack, making it a convenient and popular feat for virtually any weapon-dependent class, whether melee or ranged.

A Barbarian Berserker can use it in addition to their rage ability, while a Defender can use it to protect a friend.

6 Orcish fury

This feat can be found in Xanathar’s Guide to Everything. It’s a popular choice for barbarians just like the Orc race, so this feat seems like a natural extension of that race and class combo. Several other races of Orcs have been added to the possibilities for creating playable characters. The Volo Monster Guide includes a playable Orc race that would also benefit from Orcish Fury.

Players can use this feat to increase their Constitution and Strength score while also giving the player an additional attack. However, its use requires a long rest, so defenders should especially keep this in mind.

5 Chief

D&D weirdest feats for niche character creation

Chef is a unique ability that is described in Tasha’s cauldron of everything. It’s one of those feats that has been a common skill in MMOs for quite some time now, so it’s nice to see some form of this fun and advantageous skill moving around in tabletop games.

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Even though the Barbarian already has a lot of Constitution, he can always use more, and this feat gives the stat a +1 bonus. Those with the feat of chef can cook special meals for themselves and their party that grant bonuses for rest and healing.

4 Magi slayer

Dungeons & Dragons

This can be tied to a certain story, including the choice of the barbarian’s divinity or moral alignment, while still giving this class of fighter a big advantage against spellcasters. When a spell is cast within 5 feet of the player, it can use this feat to perform a melee attack on the caster.

Rangers, Fighters, Thieves, and even Clerics often tackle this feat. Granted, it’s more useful when it comes to spellcasters, so a barbarian on an adventure that doesn’t involve a lot of magic won’t find it as useful.

3 Fortunate

Dungeons & Dragons Dice Cover

Any class can benefit from certain achievements, and Lucky is one of them. This gives the player three luck points to use. When they roll to make an attack, ability test, or saving throw, they can use a luck point to roll an additional d20.

A player can also use the gift of luck to thwart an attack. Use a luck point to exchange the attacker’s roll for your own.

2 Slasher

Dungeons Dragons Donations Underexploited

Thieves also love this Feat, which betrays some of its advantages with a blunt name. As well as giving the player the ability to slow an enemy or deal serious damage to them on critical hits, it also grants bonus Dexterity and Strength.

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If this feat is deadly when a thief or prowler uses it, imagine how savage it would be in the hands of a barbarian. This is even more useful for those who are building a Defender.

1 Tavern Brawler

Why Dungeons & Dragons' most powerful statistic is dexterity

It might be too much of a stereotype, but what’s a tavern without a barbarian and a brawl that ensues? As part of the customization process, it really depends on the player and what kind of barbarian they’re trying to create.

Despite the name, this feat doesn’t just apply to bar fights, and it’s handy to have it in several situations. This gives the player a bonus to their Constitution or Strength and makes them proficient in all improvised weapons. It means things like cups, paddles, and frying pans. This feat merges well with Grapple if that’s the kind of barbarian a player is trying to create.

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