Dungeons and Dragons gets a new version in three years

Executive producer Ray Winninger announces that the next version of Dungeons and Dragons is in development for release in 2024.


Dungeon and Dragons is one of the most recognized role-playing games in the world. Since the franchise’s beginnings with the first post simply titled Dungeons and Dragons in 1974, the game became one of the most well-known franchises ever created and became the icon of the tabletop gaming community. The game’s most recent update, the Fifth Edition (commonly referred to as the 5th), was released in 2014, and now Wizards of the Coast has made a major announcement for the future of tabletop gaming.

From the franchise’s roots as a tabletop game in the 1970s, Dungeons and Dragons has become a multimedia juggernaut generating video games, card games and even an upcoming feature film. D&D has become a symbol of the gaming industry and has inspired many modern role-playing games like the recent Worldwalker D&D– inspired title Wild myth. Tabletop RPG fans have spent years learning the ins and outs of the Fifth Edition and, now, Wizards of the Coast has officially announced the imminent arrival of a new version.

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At the recent D&D 2021 celebration, executive producer Ray Winninger officially announced the ‘Next Evolution of Dungeons and Dragons“. New rule books for Dungeons and Dragons were revealed to be in production with an tentative release date of 2024. Winninger clarified that the set of rules in the new books will be fully compatible with the currently existing Fifth Edition. No mention was made as to whether the next rulebooks would be an official 6th release.

Dungeons and DragonsThe Fifth Edition has already seen several expansions adding a plethora of new races and classes to the existing content in its vanilla version. Popular rule books of the fifth edition as Tome of Mordekainen’s Enemies and the next one Treasure of the Fizban Dragons allow players to add new elements to their campaigns and provide more options for players to customize their characters. Dungeons and Dragons is also a popular outlet for homebrew content with many players adding their own personal spice to the classic role-playing experience.

Dungeons and Dragons has been one of the oldest franchises in the gaming world. Open RPG has entertained legions of passionate fans around the world for nearly 40 years and has become a cultural icon. The game has spawned countless fan content and led to the creation of one of the most popular game series on the internet in critical role, which became so popular that it spawned its own D&D extensions.

Great things are on the horizon for Dungeons and Dragons and the game continues to inspire and thrill fans to this day.

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