Dragonlance Creators Announce New D&D Compatible RPG Setting

The heroes of Skyraiders of Aberax, including a humanoid panther and a dragonkin, a female halfling and two humans, a male and a female, in front of a flying ship.

Set sail for a new kind of adventure on the table.
Picture: Skyraiders LLC

Ravenloft and Dragon lance, two of D&DThe most iconic classic sets of, would not exist without the work of the husband and wife team Tracy and Laura Hickman. Now the Hickmans are sighingts on a new world for a tabletop role-playing setting — and although it’s not is explicitly part of D&Dis to take advantage the latest mechanical basics of the system.

Polygon reports that the Hickmans have lifted the veil on The Adventurers of Abarax, a fantastic new backdrop of dragons and flying airships that the duo teases will be animated by “magic books … with our unique” Living Tome System “. ” Skyraiders base its rules on those of Wizards of the Coast Dungeons & Dragons Open Source System Reference Fifth Edition, a set of tools that enables RPGs to use the base systems of the current iteration of D&D for personalized metrics and campaigns, underpinning everything from Kickstarter kick Auroboros: the coils of the serpent (from former Blizzard Director Chris Metzen’s Warchief Gaming), at the recently revealed critical role The rebirth of Tal’dorei sourcebook (itself separate from the previous one, D&D-sanctioned Wildemount Explorer’s Guide).

The announcement of Celestial rays of Abarax comes at an interesting time for the Hickmans. Earlier this year, Tracy Hickman and Dragon lance co-creator Margaret Weis has announced that a new trilogy of novels in the beloved setting will begin sometime in 2021, in the following an abandoned trial brought against Wizards of the Coast by the duo in late 2020. The lawsuit, seeking $ 10 million in damages, claimed Wizards breached Weis and Hickman’s contract in 2018 for a then-scheduled contract. Dragon lance trilogy when the studio reportedly stopped approving drafts of the series, leaving the creators in limbo. The new trilogy was announced just weeks after Weis and Hickman dropped the lawsuit, with the writers’ only statement on it simply noting that the issue had been resolved between them and Wizards in private.

More details will be revealed on Adventurers of Aberax in the coming autumn months, when the framework will be “living volumes “ are about to launch a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.

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