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Among the many other high profile projects in development at Square Enix, there is one game in particular that is going under the radar. While ongoing work continues on Final Fantasy 16, Final Fantasy 7 remakethe second chapter of, Dragon Quest 12, among other things, an exclusive brings back a long dormant sub-series in a big way. Triangular strategy, formerly known as the very different Triangle Strategy Project, is a Nintendo Switch exclusive Strategy RPG in development that is aesthetically similar to “HD-2D” Octopath Traveler. Although the marketing of the game has dwindled considerably until recently, Triangular strategy has a lot to offer.

Of course, there is probably a quietly sustained excitement for the game, as the existence of the game alone is capable of bringing together so many fans. A seemingly spiritual successor to the Final fantasy Tactical Games, Triangular strategy is a Final fantasy-esque strategy game designed with the same aesthetic and visual design widely appreciated by Octopath traveler. Pair that with the desire of fans looking to play a new one Final Fantasy Tactics game, and Triangular strategy seems like the next best thing. Triangular strategy looks like a good modernization of the Tactical sub-series, alongside some of the original storytelling and design concepts to come.

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Final Fantasy Tactics is a spinoff series that we sorely miss

Final Fantasy Tactics artwork on PSP

Although it was obviously never nearly at the same level as the main line Final fantasy series, the Final Fantasy Tactics The sub-series gained popularity in the late 90s and early 2000s. Final Fantasy Tactics (1997) and Final Fantasy Tactics Advance (2003) helped reshape the Final fantasy franchise in a more hardcore strategic setting, keeping the turn-based base but developing into a grid-based arena combat system. Rather than a party of three or four, players control battalions of units based on all of the iconic mainline classes Final fantasy JRPG, all at the service of conquering the opposing group or army and securing the battlefield.

Everything is very Fire emblem-esque, even if Final Fantasy Tactics was originally heavily inspired by the 1995 strategy game Ogre Tactics: Hold On Together, originally published by Quest Corporation. A little after Tactical ogre released, many of the original game developers started working with Square (before the Square-Enix merger), which incidentally led to the marriage of the two worlds with Tactical. Since then there have been a total of four Tactical games in the sub-series, the latest being a discontinued mobile game released in 2013. Final Fantasy Tactics is a sorely missed spinoff series, and Triangular strategy could fill a similar void next year.

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Triangular strategy is similar to tactic, but still unique

Based on the narrative and visual design alone, it’s pretty clear that Triangular strategy returns to the Tactical games of yesteryear, while also adding its own unique flair. On the one hand, the aesthetic design elements of Octopath traveler carry over to Triangular strategy makes a lot of sense, appealing to nostalgia in a very modern and stylistic way that has been praised by fans and critics alike. Interestingly, the character art is also reminiscent of the classic Final fantasy designs as well, further emphasizing the retro appeal of the game. Even though the narrative is more Tactical ogre than Final Fantasy Tactics, the differences between the two are not so distinct from each other.

The obvious correlation lies in the gameplay, as Triangular strategy plays very similar to Final Fantasy Tactics. Players fight in a variety of terrains, with varying degrees of verticality and advantage, while taking into account the individual strengths and weaknesses of each unit. However, there are many deviations from this fundamental basis which Triangular strategy offers, like unique character abilities, team attacks and flanks, as well as more diverse and unusual landscapes. The biggest difference is Triangular strategyThe emphasis is on a more complex story that players can influence more directly, implementing moral choices and key decisions for players to consider.

Triangular strategy certainly scratches a very similar itch, but in a fairly unique way that is still experienced very differently from a Tactical Game. The emphasis on storytelling is the main difference here, as there are a lot more exhibits and conflicting backgrounds presented in advance, at least based on the Triangle Strategy Project demo. Additionally, with players being able to make decisions that directly influence the narrative, later parts could be very different both from a narrative and gameplay perspective. However, there are still enough Tactical DNA present in Triangular strategy that the fans know Tactical will come to love when the game is released next year.

Triangular strategy will be released on April 3, 2022 for Nintendo Switch.

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