DnD fan uses AI to create terrifying (but compelling) monsters

A fan of Dungeons and Dragons has trained artificial intelligence software to scan the official monsters in the game to produce new nightmarish creations.

There has been some buzz over the past few weeks where people have trained AIs on official artwork to generate their own creations. One of the last crazy AI scientists has spawned new monsters based on official designs from Dungeons and Dragons.

D&D fan and Redditor u / Deep-Fold posted an image containing 21 unique monster designs after forcing the ruDALL-E AI to scan the official D&D creatures. The Redditor posted a comment in the discussion thread leading to 63 more designs after the post received a positive response. Deep-Fold detailed the process in a different comment stating: “For this setup I used around 500 images at 1000×1000, refined for around 20,000 iterations on a tesla t4 [a professional graphics card by Nvidia]. You can access powerful GPUs for free through google colab or the sagemaker studio lab. The process reportedly took about seven to eight hours.

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Unfortunately, Deep-Fold was unable to increase the resolution of creatures to a higher quality. Although they said it was possible, the AI ​​they used to magnify the images did not produce finer details. Even though Deep-Fold was unable to generate high-resolution images of their monsters, the original thread’s reviewers were still extremely complimentary. Some fellow Redditors shared the desire to create origins and traits for monsters; other users have even taken it a step further by writing bestiary-type entries for certain creatures detailing their HP, armor class, attacks, and spells.

The Redditor noted that they had used this software for another project, the creation of Pokémon. Deep-Fold mentioned that this past effort has also “produced some really scary results, so it seems perfect for creating monsters.” Content creator Max Woolf also used a similar AI to perform the same task, analyzing each of the 898 pocket monsters in existence to create a group of computer-generated Pokémon. Woolf followers have responded positively to his designs, leading some to create their own Fakemon AI fan art.

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While Deep-Fold created D&D monsters with artificial intelligence, a Dungeons and Dragons the blogger determined if there was any benefit to attacking the game’s beasts from inside their bodies. Inspired by the intro scene to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, ThinkDM planned the mechanics of players fighting monsters from within and determined that it was no better than performing the fight normally. Despite a somewhat anti-climatic conclusion, the strategy was dubbed the “Drax Technique” and caught the eye of the film’s director, James Gunn.

Source: Reddit

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