DnD: Build the character of the Sailor Moon tuxedo mask

Tuxedo Mask’s lone wolf nature doesn’t make him a great party member, but a Dungeons & Dragons build can still be a lot of fun for players.

Legendary animated series Sailor moon is chock full of notable characters who have defined character archetypes for the entire genre. One of the most endearing is Tuxedo Mask, the mysterious, well-dressed gentleman who rushes to save the day when the heroines go through a difficult time. While most of his contributions are more of a distraction and inspiration for the more powerful main characters, he still shows that he can defend himself in a fight and even has his own magical abilities.

Mechanically, a D&D the character is likely to end up with more abilities than Tuxedo Mask displayed during the series. Yet by examining his exploits in the universe, it is possible to create a base version that is not too broad and loses its identity. Additionally, his lone wolf tendencies don’t translate well into group play, but can be accepted with a variety of tactics and abilities.

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Tuxedo Mask race and stats

Sailor Moon Crystal Mamoru Chiba

Mamoru Chiba, the civilian identity of Tuxedo Mask, is human through and through, and a standard or variant human are good choices for this build. The Standard Human’s bonus to all ability scores helps them stay self-sufficient and alleviates reliance on multiple scores. Meanwhile, the human variant’s stat boosts are still flexible, and the inclusion of an achievement and skill is extremely helpful. The human variant is the best option, but if a GM doesn’t allow it, then the standard human will work just fine.

Using the standard board and the human variant, Tuxedo Mask’s best stats should be in Strength and Charisma to reflect a swordsman’s skills and his dashing phantom thief aesthetic. Dexterity is also an important stat, helping the character squeeze in and maintain high AC, and Constitution will be needed for a bit of durability. Wisdom shouldn’t drop below 10, which means intelligence ends up being the lowest stat – Mamoru may not be stupid, but his intelligence itself is never developed, so taking the hit doesn’t hurt the character much. For the feat, Magic Initiate: Druid to pick up Druidcraft, Guidance and the Jump spell. These will allow him to create spectacular throwing roses, aid his allies, and jump to greater heights and longer distances.

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Tuxedo Mask Class

Fighter works best here, as most of what Tuxedo Mask displays are feats of martial skill and tactical sense. The Dueling fighting style better supports his one-handed fencing, and progressing as a Battlemaster allows him to both fight on his own and act as a support class for his allies. Choosing maneuvers such as Commander’s Strike, Distraction Strike, and Rally allows him to entice his allies into attacking, distract them with a well-placed throwing rose, or entice them to keep fighting by giving them temporary hit points. . Resuming maneuvers like elusive footwork, maneuver attack, and quick throw as he levels up will further increase his support options while allowing for more movement on the battlefield.

As the Fighter gets more ability score increases than other classes, the feats will also be available. Inspiring Leader is an easy pick, keeping the theme with a more practical assist style and offering large amounts of party-wide damage mitigation with every short rest. Tavern Brawler is of limited use but allows Tuxedo Mask to add his skill bonus to attacks with thrown roses. It also helps to simply increase ability scores, as Tuxedo Mask wants several stats to be quite high.

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Embodying tuxedo mask

Sailor Moon and Usagi Crystal Tuxedo Mask

A lone wolf who only shows up when needed doesn’t make a good in-game character. However, this build makes him a fairly self-sufficient fighter who can move around the battlefield independently, selecting targets or moving to help allies if necessary. Along with good Strength and the Jump spell, verticality is also an asset to Tuxedo Mask, allowing him to chase away fleeing thieves or even stand back to hold an enemy while his group retreats, and then escape. safely.

While he’ll likely never be in the spotlight as a character designed for massive damage or as a full-blown spell caster, this tuxedo mask build will create a solid fighter capable of pulling his own weight and helping out. his whole group to perform better in the process.

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