DnD 5e: How to Build Bayonetta

Since debuting in the video game of the same name in 2009, Bayonetta has become an icon within the gaming community. With a striking design and unique fighting style that perfectly complements the ultra-violent and over-the-top nature of her future trilogy, Bayonetta has bewitched gamers everywhere, and her subscribers have grown even bigger after she became a playable character. . in Super Smash Bros..

As a rebellious, weapon-wielding witch who refuses to allow higher powers to decide her fate and that of others, Bayonetta is an excellent role model for any Dungeons & Dragons player looking to add a demonic touch to their next character. Although the breadth of Bayonetta’s abilities means that no class can grant her all of her in-game abilities, anyone can create a character that mimics the self-proclaimed “Famed Witch” with a little careful planning and thought. creative.

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The best D&D race for Bayonetta

Although Bayonetta may look like an average human, her looks can be deceiving. As the daughter of a Lumen Sage and an Umbra Witch, Bayonetta’s ancestry is made up of two clans of humans blessed by the divine being Lord Aesir. While Variant Human could theoretically work for Bayonetta, the Aasimar race gives her access to many thematically appropriate racial abilities. First and foremost is Celestial Resistance, which halves the damage Bayonetta takes from both radiant and necrotic elemental damage. Both of these damage types are usually associated with Celestials and Demons, which closely resemble the Angels of Paradiso and Demons of Inferno that have attempted to kill or control Bayonetta throughout Bayonet and Bayonet 2.

Depending on whether players use the original rules to declare an Aasimar or the updates introduced in Mordenkainen Presents: Monsters of the Multiverse, players looking to build Bayonetta will want to choose either the Fallen Aasimar subrace or the “Necrotic Shroud” variant of the Celestial Revelation feature they earn on level three. With this feature, Bayonetta gains the ability to grow a pair of ebony wings that can scare nearby enemies and inflict bonus necrotic damage to all of her melee and spell attacks, while giving Bayonetta the sinister aura that She’s known for clearing in combat.

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Best D&D Backgrounds for Bayonetta

While Bayonetta’s personal story is a somewhat convoluted tale involving time travel and magically induced age-old sleep, two background possibilities are Acolyte and Criminal. As an order of magic users who draw their power from a divine (or demonic, in their case) source, Umbra Witches are similar to the religious organizations that most Acolytes adhere to. As an adult, Bayonetta is hunted by the forces of Paradiso and Inferno, forcing her to live a life on the run. Both backgrounds work well for Bayonetta, and players’ choice depends on which features they prefer.

The best D&D class for Bayonetta

Multiclassing is necessary to build a character with such a diverse skill set as Bayonetta’s. Luckily, Bayonetta can acquire most of her trademark abilities by taking 17 levels in Warlock and choosing the Fiend as her boss. With the Dark One’s Blessing feature, Bayonetta can consume the life force of her fallen enemies, which the demons bound to her do to the various bosses of both. Bayonet Games. The Hurl Through Hell feature further reinforces this similarity by giving Bayonetta the ability to throw her enemies into the depths of the Nether Plane, a journey from which they are unlikely to return alive.

While Warlock covers most of Bayonetta’s skills, there’s no way the class can emulate her acrobatic fighting style. To fix this, invest the last three available levels of Bayonetta in Bard and choose the College of Swords. As a result, Bayonetta has access to the College of Swords’ unique Blade Flourish feature, allowing her to enhance her melee attacks with flourishes. While these flourishes are usually exclusive to melee weapons, they can be applied to firearms if the dungeon master is willing to allow it. Being a bard also grants Bayonetta skills in performance and persuasion, which are essential if the player wishes to emulate her signature flirtation.

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The most important D&D ability scores for Bayonetta

As a multiclass Warlock/Bard, Bayonetta’s most important ability scores are Charisma and Dexterity. Not only is Charisma critical to both Bayonetta’s spellcasting and the difficulty class of her Necrotic Shroud’s saving throws, but it’s also crucial to ensuring Bayonetta always has the upper hand in social situations. . Dexterity ensures that Bayonetta has the agility to navigate the battlefield and effectively wield firearms and other ranged weapons.

While Wisdom is technically one of Warlock’s two saving throw skills, it isn’t as essential to a Bayonetta build as Charisma and Dexterity. However, a decent Wisdom score would allow Bayonetta to resist charm spells more effectively, reflecting her willful nature.

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Best D&D Feats and Spells for Bayonetta

With her wide array of abilities, there are plenty of feats that would suit Bayonetta perfectly, but perhaps the most fitting is Aberrant Dragonmark. Thematically, Aberrant Dragonmark reflects Bayonetta’s status as the “forbidden child” born of the illegal union of two opposing clans. Aberrant Dragonmark not only gives Bayonetta access to a Minor Spell and a Tier 1 spell from the Sorcerer’s Spell List, but it also gives her a chance to gain an Epic Boon each time she levels up.

In terms of spells, the most important for Bayonetta is easily Eldritch Blast. Already a fantastic offensive spell, Eldritch Blast can be a great alternative to guns if the DM isn’t willing to allow them in their campaign. A maximum Eldritch Blast perfectly reflects Bayonetta’s ability to shoot with her hands and feet. Summoning spells like Summon Lesser Demon and Summon Greater Demon are also perfect thematic matches for Bayonetta, especially if paired with the War Caster feat.

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