Discovery Cast and Wil Wheaton

Star Trek actor Wil Wheaton is set to join the cast of Star Trek: Discovery for a disco-themed Dungeons & Dragons game at D&D Celebration 2021.

The cast of Star Trek: Discovery and Wil Wheaton, the actor behind Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s Wesley Crusher, will join in the festivities of D&D Celebration 2021, intended to promote the next Nature beyond the light of the witches campaign book. As the book hits stores and online on September 21, the Dungeons & Dragons the event will then take place from September 24 with a special preview the day before at 4:00 p.m. PDT (7:00 p.m. EDT).

Celebrating the pinnacle of tabletop RPGs has become routine for Wizards of the Coast with the upcoming release of new ones. D&D books. Before Witch the campaign book promised DMs and their players material to create a magical Feywild adventure, the D&D the team asked the community to send their Van Richten’s Guide to Ravenloft fan art to share on Twitter before the book is released. For last year D&D Celebration, Wizards of the Coast previewed the Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything rulebook before its release in the fall. D&D Celebration 2021 continues the tradition of showcasing a new book, highlighting Witch and give insights for Fizban’s Dragon Treasure and Strixhaven: A Chaos Program, which is scheduled for release in mid-October and November respectively.

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Now, Wizards of the Coast has listed the schedule for this year’s celebration. The two-hour game live stream featuring the cast of Star Trek: Discovery starts at 11:00 a.m. PDT on September 24. Disco Does D&D reunites Anthony Rapp, Mary Wiseman, Blu del Barrio, Ian Alexander and Wil Wheaton as player characters, with Noah Averbach-Katz as the game’s DM. What the game will involve beyond the disco remains unknown at this time. . The assistants shared excerpts from Nature beyond the light of the witches at the beginning of the month, an overview of the illustrations and traditions of the campaign guide, located in the mystical realm of Feywild. Beyond Prismeer’s unicorns and a witch with questionable intentions, Witch introduces new player races in the form of fairies and herring, as well as the backgrounds of the Feylost and Witchlight Hand characters.

Dungeons & Dragons The Wild Beyond The Witchlight Unicorn Cover

Beyond the disco D&D, several more game streams, panels, and reveals will fill the weekend. Day one features diplomacy, dragon games and more in The Great Dragon Tourney, a game hosted by High Rollers dungeon master Mark Hulmes and starring Anna Prosser, Mica Burton, Nathan Sharp, Jonathan Indovino and Kate Welch as players. The next day, the first official D&D musical debut with the aptly titled Circus of Sound game featuring Miracle workers actress Kelly D’Angelo as DM. Later on the first day (September 24), D&D Community manager Brandy Camel also hosts a panel comprised of the lead story designer for D&D Chris Perkins, actress Stacy Allen and RPG designer Will Doyle. The panel will dive into the vibrant and mysterious realm of Prismeer, the Witch countryside setting.

Have the cast of Star Trek: Discovery bring their acting chops to Dungeons & Dragons again surely will make a pleasant trip of its own. Fortunately, the wait for Disco does D&D and the rest of D&D The 2021 celebration is not far away. Fans of Star Trek and Dungeons & Dragons everyone will be able to enjoy the show next week.

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D&D Celebration 2021 will start on September 24.

Source: D&D Party

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