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Of all the different classes in Dicey Dungeons, The Witch is perhaps the most difficult to play. Its mechanics are drastically different from most other characters, as it can only hold six spells at a time and each must be prepared before it can be used. Since his options in combat are limited, it’s common to lose points due to unnecessary spells and lack of dice.

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To make your dungeon runs a little easier, we’ve figured out which witch spells are most useful or deadly against the forces of luck.

Hall of Mirrors

dicey dungeons mirror room1

Preparing spells consumes your dice, which can put you at a disadvantage during your turn if you run out of dice. Hall Of Mirrors can be a lifeline in this case as it gives you an extra die for the duration of the battle each time you use it. Its only downside is that it needs a six to activate, although if you put it on an enhanced spell slot it will only need an even die. Either way, you need extra dice if you play as the witch, so dice manipulation spells are the key to victory. Anytime you can get your hands on this spell, you absolutely must take it.


duplicate risky dungeons

Duplicate is a reward for reaching level 4. If you are unable to find Hall Of Mirrors during a race, then this spell will make a good substitute. As the name suggests, it will duplicate a die with a value of 4 or more. This restriction is mitigated when this spell is prepared on an enhanced spell slot. To be effective, The Witch needs a lot of dice to prepare and cast spells. If you have Duplicate and Hall Of Mirrors, you should be able to get all the dice you need and more.


Magic missile

magic missile dicey dungeons

Magic Missile is a popular spell in the world of Dungeons & Dragons and it’s also a pretty awesome spell in Dicey Dungeons. Dealing damage as a witch can sometimes be difficult depending on how many dice you have. The magic missile only requires an even die and deals 5 damage. This means that even if you’re stuck with a two, you can use it to nail down the enemy with decent damage. Put it on an upgraded location and you can shoot it for 8 damage. If you put it in two of your spell slots, it potentially does 10 damage per turn. Even Atchoum wouldn’t sneeze at that.

Life drain

risky dungeon life drain

You will need a way to recover health when you take damage. The healing crystal is good because it will recover 3 or 4 hit points if it is in an upgraded location. Life Drain is better because it steals your enemy’s health, you heal and deal damage at the same time. Any spell that can simultaneously aid you and hamper the enemy will be worth learning. Placing this spell on an improved location can allow you to rack up any damage you take, as you will continue to heal and injure the enemy over and over again.

Magic shield

Magic Shield of Risky Dungeons

In the absence of a good healing spell, Magic Shield can be a valuable spell to have on hand. It will grant you 3 shields or 4 shields on an enhanced spell slot. As you progress through the episodes of The Witch, enemies will hit you harder and harder. Especially in Episode 4 where all enemies have upgraded versions of their attacks. If you can’t heal yourself, using Magic Shield to mitigate some of the damage will be your best chance for survival.

Ice shard

Ice shard from risky dungeons

It’s a good idea to prevent your opponent from using their attacks to do significant damage to you. Ice Shard will use an odd die to hit your enemy and freeze one or more of their dice. Reducing the value of the enemy’s dice can literally save your life, so ice is a good item to use with The Witch. Just be careful when using this spell on enemies like Wizard who can use it to cast powerful spells.


risky dungeon crucible

One of The Witch’s weirdest abilities is his ability to roll his dice at the enemy. This is often only used as a last ditch effort to damage the enemy. However, Crucible allows you to roll a burning dice. It sounds damaging, but throwing hot dice at the enemy does 2 damage instead of 1. It’s also reusable and the upgraded version throws you four more hot dice. If you use Hall Of Mirrors to summon extra dice each turn, you can continue to roll searing dice and throw them at the enemy. Collect five dice, set them on fire, throw them, and it easily does 10 damage per turn. Not too shabby for a silly gameplay mechanic.

A sort of cauldron spell

cauldron of risky dungeons

When you start a race for the first time, you will have a Cauldron equipped with one in your spellbook by default. This spell allows you to inflict 1 damage and then receive a new die. This means that if you’re stuck with a dice that can’t be used to cast or prepare whatever spells you want, using it with Cauldron could re-roll it into something you need. More spells will come, but Cauldron is something worth keeping until the end. There is nothing worse than having dice that are useless to you and Cauldron can potentially change that.

The only reason to throw it away is if a better Cauldron form presents itself. The Silver Cauldron and the Golden Cauldron work the same way, but they each give you an odd or even die, respectively, instead of a random die. If you still want a specific number, then one of these spells may be a better choice than the regular old cauldron.

Then there’s Bronze Cauldron, which does 2 damage and gives you a weird die. Blood Cauldron will drain 1 enemy health point and give you a new die. The Mirror Cauldron can be useful in some situations because while it does no damage and requires a dice with a value greater than 4, it also gives you a new dice and an additional dice if you use a six to roll it. . So it basically works as Cauldron and Hall Of Mirrors at the same time.

Probably the weakest Cauldron spell is the Glass Cauldron. This spell will freeze one of the enemy’s dice but only give you one. However, even this spell can work if you equip a very powerful spell with a spell from your spellbook. This way you will always be sure to get the spell you want.

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