Details of “Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier”


Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier, a free-to-play mobile battle royale fighting game designed by Tetsuya Nomura of Square Enix, has been released worldwide, generating over a million downloads in just two days of its debut.

New Final fantasy takes place in Midgar three decades before the events of Final Fantasy VII, in the early days of the Shinra Corporation’s SOLDIER program, recognizable characters from the series will therefore not be available. Instead, players load in as recruits seeking to become the First Soldier. 75 augmented soldiers are dropped onto a huge map and players can play solo or in teams of three. A variety of firearms, potions, rare summoning spells, and other “materials” can be found across the map, and players can choose between the roles of warrior, monk, ninja, and wizard. who decide on different special abilities. A chocobo mini-game is also included, and players can summon their customizable chocobos into battle as a fast transport option, an alternative to the cars and bikes that are also featured in the game. As with most free-to-play mobile games, players can make in-game purchases for Shinra credits which can be redeemed for season passes, loot boxes, skins, and accessories.

Released just over a week ago, the initial reception of the game drew mixed reviews, with some saying the game would have been better if it had been released on console, and others obsessed with the new version. The main issue mentioned by gamers is the cluttered interface and difficult controls. Since it’s still early days, time will tell if the developers are able to fix the initial issues in future patches.

Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier is now available for iOS and Android devices.

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