Demonsbane update brings the first Mythic dungeon


NC Soft’s Blade and Soul MMORPG has just received a big update. The Demonsbane update adds new skills and the game’s very first Mythic Dungeon.

NC Soft has just announced that its latest update to Blade and Soul: Demonsbane is now a sweetheart. Starting today, players can access the free update that introduces a whole new chapter in the story, the new Airfield dungeon, several new game systems, a new level of accessories, and more. .

Blade and Soul: Demonsbane Update Features

Epic Story Arc – Act XI Part 2.

Not all bad guys start off badly. The Hongmoon Warrior will learn more about Goaded Mushin on the Dark Path, but the path of discovery will not come on its own. Prepare to see old friends and follow them through the Divine Realm to take on Mushin himself and save the Realms from collapse.


Blade and soul

Dungeon and Demonsbane System airfield

The Airfield is a new 4 player dungeon for endgame players. At the same time, it is the game’s first Mythic Dungeon. The new dungeon is a giant zeppelin that has arisen above the Fishbelly Pub and hosts a martial arts tournament. The triggering incident: not a single warrior returned from the competition.

Dungeon is the first to feature the new Demonsbane system – as players complete the dungeon they unlock different levels of Demonsbane, which adds new boss mechanics, player debuffs, and more.

Circuit breaker system

The new system has been applied to some player skills. They now have the option to add “Breaker” status to bosses. The new ability must be charged during combat, but when used it stuns the Mythic Dungeon boss and makes the creature much more susceptible to damage.

Full patch notes for the Blade and Soul: Demonsbane update.


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