Demon Gaze Extra English release date set for December


Clouded Leopard Entertainment has announced the release of the Dungeon Exploration RPG developed by Kadokawa Games and Experience Extra demon gaze on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on December 9, 2021.

Extra demon gaze will launch with Japanese and English audio and text support for Traditional Chinese, Korean and English.

Extra demon gaze is an updated version of version 2014 Demon gaze. This version of the game contains new environments and dungeons for you to explore. Additionally, dungeons will take players underground and even underwater. Graphics have been remastered for this release with updated artwork and resolutions.

Further away, Extra demon gaze will offer a few accessibility options such as a high speed combat feature, retry features, and an improved autoplay mode to help newbies. Autopilot mode makes it easy to explore by quickly navigating through random encounters.

A physical version will be available for import on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch with a Deluxe Edition available. Those who buy the digital version early are given in-game items, the Healing Wand and Armor Gem Assortment Set DLC.

Extra demon gaze allows players to explore dungeons in first person. The game focuses on creating groups and taking down bosses. Additionally, players can interact with their party members at the Inn to advance the story and get to know them better.

You can watch the trailer for Extra demon gaze below:


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