‘Demon Gaze EXTRA’ dungeon crawl RPG announced for Nintendo Switch

EXTRA Demonic Gaze, an improved version of the original Demonic gaze for the PS Vita, arrives on Switch, it was revealed by the publisher Kadokawa Games.

The original developer’s experience will still be involved, but this time around will collaborate with Cattle Call. A PS4 version is also released alongside the Switch edition.

Boasting improved visuals, better controls, and the promise of additional story content, Demon Gaze EXTRA launches in Japan on September 2 and will cost 7,480 yen. A limited edition will also be available, costing 11,480 yen.

The original Demon Gaze was released on the PS Vita in 2013 and would find its way west a year later. Our Push Square friends gave it 6/10, saying:

That might not define the genre, but Demon Gaze gives Vita owners a somewhat entertaining – albeit extremely difficult – introduction to first-person dungeon exploration. Despite its imperfections, an array of handy gameplay mechanics paired with a colorful cast of characters provide just enough intrigue to justify the roughly thirty hours you’ll spend walking your way through this adventure. Oh, and Hatsune Miku fans, did we mention there’s a vocaloid soundtrack?

A suite, Demonic Gaze II, arrived on PS Vita and PS4 in 2016, and also made it west.

There’s no word yet on a western release for Demon Gaze EXTRA, but would you be interested in picking it up if there is? Let us know with a comment. In the meantime, you can check out a trailer for the original Demon Gaze below.

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