D&D Why the Ranger was overhauled (how 5.5 can fix it)


The Ranger class in the current edition of Dungeons & Dragons has been revised, as it is one of the weaker classes, and it could be fixed in 5.5.

Dungeons & Dragons players love to rank classes based on their overall strength, and dark spellcasters often come out on top. One class that has had a tumultuous history in terms of sustainability is the Ranger, which is currently so weak that it had to receive a revised version via errata. It’s strange, considering the most iconic D&D the character is a Ranger. Drizzt Do’Urden is a Ranger Drow who has appeared in many books and appeared in several D&D video games, but his fellow wanderers and trackers are not so formidable on the battlefield.

The Advanced Dungeons and Dragons The Ranger version was a popular class, as it had more interesting abilities than the Fighter and fewer restrictions than the Paladin. When launching the Third Edition, the Ranger had a major problem. The Ranger received all of their best abilities at level one, with most subsequent levels having no new features. A first-level Ranger has received the Track feat, a +1 bonus against a Favorite Enemy, and has obtained the Ambidexterity and Two-Weapon Combat gifts when wearing light armor or without armor. This meant that it was beneficial to multiclass a Ranger level and dump the class for something like the Rogue. The Ranger had to be overhauled in 3.5 Player’s Manual, in order to make it viable.


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The current version of the Ranger is frowned upon by fans, as most of his abilities are situational and only work with prior knowledge of the environment and the types of enemies that will appear in the campaign. The Ranger was eventually upgraded via an online overhaul, and it’s a good candidate to be completely redone in the upcoming new version of the Player’s manual.

The weak version of the Ranger in the player’s manual

Ranger as an archer in Dungeons & Dragons

The version of the Ranger which is presented in the Player’s Manual is considered one of the weakest classes of D&D, if not the weakest. The favorite enemy ability that gave Rangers +4 to hit Advanced Dungeons and Dragons is now reduced to giving the advantage to tests to track an enemy type, and the advantage to tests to recall information about them. The Natural Explorer ability prevents the party from getting lost, but only in a specific type of terrain. The Primeval Awareness ability allows the Ranger to detect if a specific creature is within a mile of its current location, but does not reveal how many or where they are. The Fighter and Paladin classes receive much better low-level abilities than the Ranger in terms of combat prowess.

By far the worst aspect of the Ranger class was the Beast Master subclass. The Beast Master calls in a CR 1/4 monster (which technically includes the incredibly deadly D&D cow) and takes her as a pet. The Ranger must give up his action to order his beast to attack, which can also include giving up his use of the extra attack. This wasn’t even the biggest problem, as the animal’s stats were increasing at a snail rate, and the Ranger couldn’t replace them with a stronger animal at higher levels. This meant they were still carrying cows and mastiffs up to level 20. The only good thing about the Ranger in the Player’s Manual was the Hunter subclass, which gained impressive combat abilities, but was always left in the dust by the other classes in the game.

The Overhauled Ranger in Arcane Corrected Things Unearthed

D&D gamers around the world have voiced their unhappiness with the Ranger class, and Wizards of the Coast has rectified the issue with a complete overhaul. Wizards of the Coast released The Ranger Revised Unearthed Arcana article, which has been adopted by many groups around the world. This version of the Ranger boosted many of the weaker ones D&D class characteristics that were in the Player’s Manual. The Favorite Enemy feature now grants +2 attack rolls and damage against the chosen type, followed by choosing a second Favorite Enemy at 6th level, where it gets +4 attack rolls and damage, as well as ‘an advantage against spells and special effects. capabilities used by this type of enemy. The Natural Explorer class feature now works on all types of terrain, allows the Ranger to completely ignore all difficult terrain, gives him an advantage on initiative checks, and gives him an advantage in the first round of combat against enemies that have not yet taken action. The Primeval Awareness ability now allows the Ranger to communicate with animals, as well as detect the presence of their preferred enemy within five miles of their location, as well as their number and general direction. The Land’s Stride ability of the Player’s Manual has been replaced by Fleet of Foot, which allows the Ranger to use Dash as a bonus action on his turn.

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The biggest beneficiary of the Revised Ranger was the Beast Master, which was replaced by the Beast Conclave. The Ranger could now choose from a list of beefier creatures, including the black bear, to use as allies. Animal companions can now act on their own and require no action to command, they gain a steady increase in their stats as the Ranger levels up, and they gain the benefits of both Preferred and Superior Enemy. The base Ranger and Beast Master lost access to Extra Attack, but this one was retained by the Hunter Conclave. The Ranger also received the Deep Stalker Conclave, which is a perfect base subclass for beginners. D&D players.

How 5.5 can improve the Ranger

D&D Blacksmith character designs for working class campaigns

The current edition of D&D is slated to receive a mid-cycle review in 2024, which fans refer to as “5.5,” in reference to the 3.5 review at the time. Everything we know about D&D 5.5 is that all three Basic Rulebooks will receive new revisions, which are backward compatible with existing Fifth Edition books. The safest bet regarding Rules 5.5 is that the Ranger will be overhauled, with the Unearthed Arcana version of the class becoming the standard. It’s also likely that the class will be tweaked further, such as a full progression system for animal companions used by the Beast Conclave, or have alternate selections for higher tier animals.

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Source: Wizards of the Coast

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