D&D Superpowered Character Building Ideas for Sea Elf

The sea elf race in Dungeons & Dragons are deadly on land and sea, making them the ideal role as an explorer or magic master of water.

The Sea Elf is one of the playable races in Dungeons & Dragons and he has the potential to be an incredibly powerful character, thanks to his adaptable nature. Sea elves are an aquatic species of elves who rule the underwater kingdoms and reside in the Elemental Plane of Water. There they battle the alien, monstrous creatures that inhabit the darkest depths of the ocean.

Elves were originally faerie creatures created by Correllon Larethian, the god of the elves. The elves lost their ability to shapeshift after being banished from the kingdom of Correllon, as they sided with Lolth against him. This new race traveled across the Multiverse and their form adapted to their surroundings, such as the Prime Material Plane creating the High Elves and the Underdark creating Dungeons & Dragonsdrow elves. The sea elves adapted to the water, creating the species that still exist in the multiverse today.


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The viability and usefulness of a sea elf character is highly dependent on the campaign in question. Most campaigns have a mix of environments, especially those that involve a lot of travel. Sea elves do best in countrysides where there are sections of water. This means they won’t be as useful in a desert campaign as they would be in a swashbuckling pirate campaign. Depending on the type of campaign the DM is running, a sea elf character can be an incredible asset to the party.

The new version of the sea elf in monsters of the multiverse

Dragonlance Dargonest Sea Elf

A new version of the playable J&D the sea elf race appears in Mordenkainen Presents: Monsters of the Multiverse. Like all races in the book, he now has J&Dthe new racial stat bonus rules. In the Player’s Handbook and Tome of Mordenkainen’s Enemies rules, a sea elf received +2 Dexterity and +1 Constitution. These were decent bonuses, but the flexibility of the new rules means players have more freedom to create whatever type of character they want. They lost access to the sea elf training ability, but now have cold resistance. A sea elf character is a medium-sized humanoid that possesses all the traits of a normal elf. They have a walking and swimming speed of 30 feet, can breathe in air and on land, and have dark vision of 60 feet. Dungeons & Dragons. Their Fey Ancestry ability gives them advantage on saving throws against Charm, they are proficient in the Perception skill, and their Friend of the Sea ability allows them to communicate with aquatic animals.

Sea elves are master nature scouts

Ranger Dungeons and Dragons

Sea elves’ ability to breathe air and water, swim at the same rate as their movement speed, and darkvision make them one of the best choices for the ranger class in the entire game. In campaigns where exploring different environments is essential (like the Tomb of Annihilation campaign), then having an expert in both land and sea survival is an incredible asset. Resistance to cold damage and only needing to trance for four hours at night are the icing on the cake. A character who needs so little sleep will come in handy when camping out in the wilderness in dangerous places. Dungeons & Dragons countryside locations. The advantage this has over similar druid skills is that the ranger retains all of their combat abilities in water, unlike the wild druid form, which forces them to transform into a weaker monster and deprives them of the ability to cast spells (until he hits level 18, which few characters do.)

One way to improve on this concept is to give the ranger the ability to do aerial reconnaissance. The much-maligned Beast Master ranger subclass can serve in this regard, as a falcon animal companion can act as an incredible pair of eyes to have in the air, especially when combined with the talk with animals Where beast sense spells. The Drakewarden ranger subclass of J&D: Fizban’s Dragon Treasure is another option, as his fellow drake is a better fighter, and the Drakewarden can communicate with him using the Tongue of the Dragons ability. The only problem here is that the companion drake doesn’t gain the ability to fly until the Drakewarden reaches level 7, which might be too late for some players.

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There are some J&D adventures where the environment itself is as much of an enemy as any monster. The jungles of Chult in Tomb of Annihilation have chewed and spit out many adventurers over the years, while the frozen tundra of Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden contains the corpses of those who could not stand the cold. A sea elf ranger is the best friend to have in these situations, as surviving in the wild is what they do best, and the natural abilities of the sea elf race make them well suited for the task.

The power of building the sea elf Drownamancer

Dungeons and Dragons Elemental Cover

the Player’s Handbook and various Sage Advice columns on Twitter have outlined the rules for underwater combat, which also apply if a person is land. It is possible to cast spells in J&D underwater, although a land dweller begins to drown when he does. A creature submerged in water gains resistance to fire, attacks with a ranged weapon have disadvantage (except crossbows, a net, or a thrown weapon), and melee attacks creatures with no swim speed have disadvantage unless the weapon is a dagger, javelin, shortsword, spear, or trident.

For most races playable in J&D, being stuck underwater is a bad position. This is not the case for sea elf spellcasters, as they have full access to their abilities underwater and they gain a ton of resistances in the process. As such, a sea elf spellcaster with access to spells like shape the water, control the waterand water wall have potential options to submerge on land. Shape the water only has an instant effect, but since it is a minor spell, it can be used in conjunction with a bonus action spell, which is one of J&Dthe most neglected rules. There are also spells like telekinesis who could create a sphere or block of water to transport the sea elf. A friendly water elemental summoned with conjure elemental could also serve this purpose. All the while, any suspended water will inhibit enemy forces, unless the adventure is underwater. Dungeons & Dragons countryside.

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