D&D campaign ideas for parties without magical users

A Dungeons & Dragons campaign that does not include magic users may use genres that are not normally seen, as players cannot use spells to resolve issues.

Magic is one of the essential aspects of Dungeons & Dragons, so what would happen in a campaign where players couldn’t use it? It is difficult to find a class in the current edition of D&D this doesn’t use magic to an extent, as there are subclass options that give limited spellcasting powers to classes that wouldn’t normally have access to them, like the Arcane Trickster for the Rogue. or the Eldritch Knight for the Fighter.

A primary D&D the caster can bring a ton of different abilities to the table. It is possible for magic users to make friends with enemies, or to erase the memory of people who have seen too much. Nature-based spellcasters can communicate with animals and predict what the weather will do next, while divine spellcasters can heal deadly wounds and chat with the gods themselves.

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The real power of magic is its ability to bend the rules of reality, in a way that cannot be accomplished in the real world. This means that some conventional genres that appear in books, movies, and TV shows are difficult to do in D&D, as players have ways around the challenges that real-world protagonists face. A D&D campaign that uses a group without main casters means that these genres can be used for games, as the clerics and wizards of the world cannot use their magic to make problems disappear in midair.

A D&D jewelry heist wouldn’t need magical users

Heist movies work best when grounded in reality, because it’s about using planning, subterfuge, and teamwork to get a mission done. The more futuristic gadgets are introduced into the mix, the less interesting the story becomes. In the fantastic settings, futuristic gadgets are replaced by magic. A heist is much less interesting when participants can become invisible, knock people out with a word, fly through the sky, create an aura of silence, telepathically contact each other, summon allies from scratch, and teleport from a location. to the other. place. A party without a caster cannot use magic to fight their way to victory and must use their own minds to complete a stealth-based tabletop RPG mission. The idea of ​​performing multiple heists may wear off over a long campaign, but it’s a great choice for a short series of adventures.

Non-magical parts could solve D&D murder mystery

The existence of magic means that it is extremely difficult to create a D&D mystery of the murder. The murder of Laura Palmer in Twin peaks would have been resolved in five minutes if Agent Cooper had been able to launch talk with the dead. The presence of divination spells and zone of truth means it’s easy to find the culprit without needing to resort to detective work. Removing spellcasters from the equation means solving crimes and murder mysteries can be part of D&D campaigns, as players will have to rely on their own deductive skills to catch the crooks. DMs should make sure to minimize NPCs using magic in the campaign, as they still have access to spells that could undermine the mystery.

Explore or survive on a desert island in D&D

D&D Ranger

A shipwreck that leaves a group stranded on a mysterious island is a great idea for a campaign. The only problem is that spellcasters can make things a little too easy. the candy spell used by the druids removes any kind of tension regarding the food supply, while create or destroy water does the same for water. Divination spells allow players to explore and learn secrets in relative safety, and the third level Sending in progress The spell allows spellcasters to inform people in the outside world of their current situation. A party without spellcasters will have to explore the island for resources, which means adventures become as much of a necessity as loot or gaining experience points. the Tomb of annihilation to promote Dungeons & Dragons has a number of rules that can be adapted for a Desert Island Campaign.

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