D&D: Best Ways to Spend Starting Gold

A Dungeons & Dragons character starts with a limited amount of gold, but it can be spent in a number of ways to really help the party.

A Dungeons & Dragons The character does not need to go into battle in pajamas, as he has starting equipment and gold that will help him prepare for his adventures. A character will usually have the right armor and weapons at creation, which will give them a fighting chance in battle and allow them to fully utilize their abilities. Even the average J&D A character who doesn’t abuse the gold system will have some money that can be spent in various ways that will improve their chances of survival or make exploration easier.

One of the best aspects of J&D 5th is its start gear processing. In older editions of J&D, the player had starting gold that they had to spend on everything, which added a lot of unnecessary character creation time as players slowly stocked up on everything from covers to weapons. In the 5th Player’s Handbookeach class has a selection of starting items they can select from, which covers all the items they will need. J&D 5e has also added different pack-like items, such as the Scholar Pack, which includes a number of basic items that all characters will use, such as camping gear. A J&D choosing the character’s background will also provide starting gear and additional gold. These changes combined speed up the character creation process and make things much easier for new players to roll up their hero without missing anything important in the process.


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There is an optional variation rule in the 5e rule of the Player’s Handbook, where the player can roll for their starting gold and buy everything from scratch. This means that the player can potentially have less or more gold than the main gear selection method. It’s usually better to stick to the selection method and try to sell all the items that won’t be used, than risk not having enough gold to afford armor, weapons , a pack, spellcasting items or various equipment that will make the adventure Easier. Players who have leftover gold can use it in a variety of ways, especially if they’re willing to pool their resources.

Pool Party Gold Set for a Healing Potion

One of the most useful items available in the Equipment section of the Player’s Handbook is the healing potion, which heals 2d4+2 points of damage. A single healing potion can save the party, especially in cases where there is only one healer in the party, as the potion can be used to save them if they reach zero hit points, or are unable to help anyone else. The problem with buying a healing potion is that it costs at least 50 gp, assuming local stores even have it in stock. It’s worth the party going out to buy a single healing potion, as one vial can be enough to save the party from ruin in a desperate situation.

Stock up on ball bearings, caltrops and oil

A first level character can quickly burn out their special abilities in battle. J&D The 5th is great for ensuring that characters can always contribute, unlike the days of the 3rd, when spellcasters quickly ran out of spells and had to resort to using conventional weapons. A smart player will save their best abilities for when they need them, rather than blast them all on the first group of kobolds that spawn. One way to become more effective in combat is to stock up on some of the combat-focused items in the Player’s Handbook which have a number of combat uses.

A bag of 1,000 ball bearings costs 1 gp, can cover an area 10 feet on one side when poured, and requires the enemy to make a Dexterity saving throw against falling or sinking, or forces him to move at half speed to avoid the saving throw. Ball bearings are great for slowing down pursuers, making it difficult for enemies to fight in closed areas, and for provoking J&Dthe invisible enemies from to reveal their position. A bag of 20 caltrops also costs 1 gp, but it only covers one space on one side.

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The advantage of using caltrops on ball bearings is that they have a higher dexterity saving throw to avoid their effect, which deals one point of piercing damage, prevents them from moving further that turn, and reduces their movement speed by 10 feet until they are healed. . A flask of oil can also be useful, as it costs 1 sp, can be used with a ranged attack to coat an enemy for one minute, causing them to take five additional points of damage if hit by an attack of fire. Oil can also be poured on the ground and ignited, which can be used to set traps for enemies or deter animals from chasing the party. All of these items are great choices for players who need to get out of dodging and regroup, especially for their low price.

Buy a loyal donkey and a guard dog

Even a low level J&D A party with a druid or ranger may have access to animal pals who can help out the party, but groups without a nature-loving companion may want to invest in some. A donkey only costs 8 gp and saddlebags 4 gp, but it will soon pay for itself as it can carry 420 lbs of items, saving the party from having to carry heavy items and weigh them down in battle. More importantly, a donkey can help players take anything not nailed down in the dungeon so it can be sold later for a profit.

The party may also want to pool their resources and buy a Mastiff for 25 gp. An untrained dog may not be much help in combat, but J&D 5e’s Passive Perception rules mean his Scent ability gives him a high chance of revealing any enemies that follow the party. A Mastiff can be incredibly useful to keep while camping, as their incredible sense of hearing and smell means that everything Dungeons & Dragons monster will have a hard time approaching without waking the dog.

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