D&D 5e: The Best Barbarian Storm Herald Build

Every D&D barbarian has a deep and relentless rage within, and those who follow the Path of the Storm Herald can channel that rage into elemental potency.

Play a tank in Dungeons & Dragons comes with a lot of fun perks including being one of the first to jump into battle, unfettered and ready to destroy anyone who dares to tempt fury. Barbarians have a long-standing role as enraged tanks, fueled by a rage so primitive that some of them can even channel it from the elements around them and channel it in their attacks.

The Storm Herald Barbarian can draw its energy from three different regions, the desert, the tundra, or the sea, and while it can only draw power from one region at a time, that region can be changed when a new level has been reached. The region they’ve chosen boosts their attacks, creating a storm of energy that not only fuels their rage, but also provides protection against certain elements related to their region.

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Strength is the main statistic of the Storm Herald Barbarian

Regardless of Primal Path, Barbarians rely heavily on Strength stat. STR feeds into the power behind weapon attacks, while also modifying the damage dealt with each successful hit. It also contributes to the Barbarian’s skills, which are mainly focused on athletics, which determine how well they climb, lift and push, as well as what they can carry.

Build and dexterity are also important stats for barbarians, who tend to run without armor to protect them. A powerful life pool built from a strong CON stat, coupled with the unarmoured bonuses they get from a combination of CON and DEX bonuses, ensure that they are harder to hit in any size and brutality of their target.

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Best races for the Storm Herald Barbarian

When it comes to choosing a race, classic options like Orc, Half-Orc, and Minotaur are perfect choices, as they get the best bonuses with +2 STR and +1 CON. Each of them also has a special knack for making themselves monstrously intimidating. For a different option, however, the Duergar Dwarf sub-race possesses some intriguing powers that make them well suited to the Storm Herald path. Duergar gains +2 CON and +1 STR, as well as superior Darkvision, Dwarf Resilience, Stone Stamina, and Stone Cunning.

The Duergar also have access to unique magic that gives them an advantage. They can cast the Magnify spell on themselves, becoming quite large and even more intimidating than their menacing, ashy appearance already allows. They can also cast invisibility on themselves once per day after reaching fifth level, which works well to help them position themselves without being seen. The only downside is that they suffer from sensitivity to sunlight, which gives them a perception disadvantage when exposed to direct sunlight. Mountain Dwarves are also a great choice because, in addition to the other standard Dwarves traits, including +2 CON, they also gain +2 STR.

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Best Achievements for the Storm Herald Barbarian

Barbarian berserker

When it comes to choosing feats, there are some options that work especially well for Storm Herald barbarians. The Elemental Adept, for example, would allow them to choose resistances to certain types of magic. They can pair this with the type of damage their regional aura emits, guarding against enemy magic attacks that deal elemental damage.

Gift of the Chromatic Dragon of Fizban’s Dragon Treasure Allows them to use a bonus action to infuse their weapon with whatever type of Chromatic Dragon elemental damage they choose, giving their attacks an extra flare that pairs well with the rage bonus. Grappling is another great achievement for this Primal Path because (depending on the regional aura emitted by the Barbarian) just hitting an enemy could set them on fire if the Desert aura is active.

If you are playing one of the dwarf races, the Dwarven Fortitude racial buff allows a +1 CON boost, as well as the ability to perform the dodge action in combat and spend a life die to regain points. life and take care of themselves.

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