D&D: 10 Best 5th Grade Warlock Spells, Ranked

Dungeons & Dragons players determine a lot about their characters based on the classes they choose or the feats they accomplish, but what separates their character from others is simply how they season and play them. The Warlock class offers a huge amount of unique character options for players.

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Warlock players choose an otherworldly boss subclass, pact perk, and a plethora of eldritch summons. A J&D the group could be made up entirely of wizards and no two would be alike. Wizards are given limited spell slots, but their spells automatically increase in power with each level, so Wizards always cast at their strongest. Sorcerers may have a limited number of spell uses, but they make them count.

ten Agathys armor is the mage armor of warlock spells

The caster uses ethereal armor

Warlocks, like most spellcasting classes in D&D, are soft. They usually have low hit points and refrain from entering the middle of a battlefield unless they are a Hexblade Warlock. Whether melee or spell-focused, Armor of Agathys is a great tier 1 spell choice for any wizard.

Lasting one hour without focus, Armor of Agathys creates a protective barrier around the player, giving them five temporary hit points. When a creature hits the player with a melee attack, it takes five cold armor damage. This spell not only protects the player, but also deals damage.

9 Shadow Of Moil protects wizards in darkness

As a 4th level spell, Shadow of Moil covers the caster in a 3 meter veil of darkness. If creatures cannot see in magical darkness, the caster would have an advantage on attacks against them. This creature would also have disadvantage on attacks against the caster that it cannot see.

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In addition, any creature that attempts to attack the caster within those 10 feet takes 2d8 necrotic damage from darkness. Shadow of Moil obscures the caster of enemies and makes them deadly at close range. This is great for any spellcaster looking to shield themselves or any melee attacker looking to deal more damage.

8 Hex benefits the whole party

Hex is a classic warlock spell and one of the best low-level spells in the game. As a bonus action, a player can cast Hex at a creature to inflict an additional 1d6 necrotic damage on each successful attack. Additionally, the player gives the creature disadvantage on all ability checks made on a certain ability.

For example, the player can choose a creature’s Strength score, giving that creature disadvantage on Athletics checks. A strong ally would have an easier time grabbing the creature or pushing it off a cliff. Hex is a fantastic spell that empowers the caster’s attacks and encourages the rest of the party to get creative with their tricks.

7 Trap enemies in a mental prison

Dungeons & Dragons Conjurer Wizard

Mental Prison is a very effective and high damage spell for taking out a powerful creature from a battle. If successful, the spell traps the creature in a small illusory space it perceives as deadly. Numerous J&D the creatures have low Intelligence values, which increases their chances of failing the spell’s only saving throw.

If the creature fails, it takes 5d10 psychic damage and remains trapped in its mental prison for up to one minute. The party is free to attack the creature as much as they wish as the creature has no perception of the world beyond its mental prison. If that wasn’t enough, the creature takes an additional 10d10 psychic damage if it breaks out of the prison.

6 Summon Greater Demon is chaotic and amazing

Dungeons & Dragons Demon

Dungeons & Dragons just wouldn’t be what it is if players didn’t have fun and inject a little chaos into their games every once in a while. Powerful spells can change the landscape of a battlefield, or even an entire campaign, for better or for worse. Summon Greater Demon is one of those high risk/high reward spells.

The caster can summon a demon from the Abyss and control it with commands. At the end of each of its turns, the demon can make a Charisma save to resist orders. If successful, the demon attacks everything around it, including the group. A demon can be a powerful ally, or yet another obstacle for the party depending on the dice rolls.

5 Travel to new worlds with plane change

Dungeons & Dragons Wizard Battle

Plane Shift is such a powerful spell that it’s surprising it’s not reserved for 9th level based solely on how much its use could potentially change the trajectory of a campaign. A player can cast Plane Shift to transport themselves and up to eight creatures to another plane of existence. Players can visit the dead and forgotten in the astral plane or visit demons in the nine hells.

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Players can even use Plane Shift to transport enemies to other planes. Few creatures could survive long in the Plane of Fire. This could alter the trajectory of a campaign if the only player able to cast this spell dies while the party is still in the Unknown Plane. The Dungeon Master would certainly have a lot of preparation to do that week.

4 Holding person/monster is very effective

Transmutation Wizard Cast

Many humanoids and creatures have high Wisdom scores in J&Dso trapping them in spells like Hold Person or Hold Monster can be difficult, as they make Wisdom saving throws to resist the spell’s effects each turn, but if successful, these spells are absolutely lethal to enemies .

Sorcerers are known to control the battlefield with powerful spells and wizards are no different. Hold Person can remove powerful spellcasters from the board, and Hold Monster can do the same for large creatures. This spell can give allies an edge on their attacks for a turn or two, or be used to freeze an enemy while the party tries to escape a losing battle.

3 Control the most powerful creatures with Dominate Monster

D&D Draconomicon Red Dragon Cover

As the party levels up and becomes more powerful, they will naturally face more powerful opponents and monsters. Dominate Monster is a fantastic level 8 spell that allows the caster to charm a creature and control its actions. The caster can ask the creature to perform simple tasks or use their action to take precise control of it.

This spell can remove powerful enemies from the board for a turn or two, giving allies a free hit on them. If the creature has low Wisdom, thus failing most of its saving throws, the caster can even cause the creature to attack its own allies, skewing the battle in favor of the party.

2 True shapeshifter encourages weird and wild creativity

At first glance, True Polymorph is an intimidating and complicated spell, as it should be for a 9th level spell. The spell is complex because it can do so much. His abilities encourage players to get quirky and creative. The spell has many functions, but basically it allows a player to turn any creature or object into another creature or object that is not of higher level or challenge level.

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True Polymorph is mostly limited by the imagination of the caster. If the party is at a high enough level, a player can transform or transform an ally into a dragon. This is especially useful for dealing with difficult enemies. Why fight a dragon head-on when a wizard could just turn them into a boot?

1 Get a perpetual advantage with foresight

The effects of the Foresight spell are very simple: a player grants himself or another willing creature a limited ability to see the future, giving him advantage on attack rolls as well as on skill checks. ability and saving throws for eight hours. It’s not a focus spell, so it simply lasts for the duration.

Additionally, other creatures will have disadvantage on attacks against the creature with these benefits. Dozens or even hundreds of dice rolls are made during a J&D adventure day. Giving someone an edge on every one of those throws is incredibly powerful. A wizard could throw it at himself for extra protection, or at a paladin fishing for critical hits.

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