Darkest Dungeon: How to Defeat the Necromancer

If you’re taking on Darkest Dungeon and looking to defeat the Necromancer boss in the Ruins, here’s our recommended group strategy and setup.

Darkest Dungeon will see you plunge into the depths of the darkest realm, encounter various demons and creatures, and take on a number of bosses. One of the great things about Darkest Dungeon is that you can customize your party as there is a range of different heroes available, so every boss battle can be made easier with the right setup.

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One of the bosses you will need to defeat is the Necromancer, which can be found in the Ruins. It’s one of the easiest bosses to find in the game, but the battle can be made even easier with the right setup and a few helpful tips on how best to deal with it. Here is our recommendation on how to beat the Necromancer.

Necromancer Boss Battle Strategy

Darkest Dungeon Necromancer Battle

Make sure everyone in your party is well equipped and make sure you bring enough supplies and torches, as the boss fight usually takes place in the last room on the map.

When it comes to setting up your party, we recommend using the following heroes:

  • Vestal: Best choice for your healer and has unholy damage bonus.
  • Plague Doctor / Grave Thief / Shieldbreaker: Inflict the Scourge.
  • Occultist / Bounty Hunter: To return the Necromancer to position 1 when moving (the Occultist also has a supernatural damage bonus).
  • Crusader / Hell: Crusaders are effective against unholy enemies, while Hellion offers a good stun option.

Whenever the Necromancer attacks, he automatically summons an undead skeleton that will appear in front of him. This will continue until the Necromancer is in position four. There are two ways to get around this: either use the Hellion to Stun him, preventing him from attacking / summoning additions in the first place, or just use an occultist or bounty hunter to bring it back to position one.

The Necromancer is Stun resistant, so it won’t always hit. However, even if the Necromancer does manage to move positions, the Hellion can attack any position anyway. The Vestal and the Crusader both have a damage bonus when it comes to unholy enemies, so they can really help punch this boss and his minions. So, either way, it will really work for you.

It’s important to get rid of the Bone Solider and Bone Defender additions as soon as possible, as they will only make the battle harder. However, if you have a strong enough team, you can leave the Bone Rabbles much weaker, and hopefully the Necromancer then unwittingly replenishes his ranks with this trash enemy, which you can just ignore – leaving you to focus on the Necromancer. . If you want to play it safe, remove all additions as they arrive and reduce the necromancer’s HP when you can.

The Necromancer is a Unholy / supernatural enemy and is sensitive to bleeding. However, his skeleton additions are resistant to bleeding, so you’d better bring in party members who can inflict the Scourge as it will work on both the Necromancer and his additions.

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