Darkest Dungeon 2 Jester Chapter 2 puzzle explained

The Darkest Dungeon 2 Jester Chapter 2 puzzle, Music of the Night, is a bizarre musical sequence where young Jester must musically confront the character of the violinist by choosing the right song beats in reaction to that character. It’s a particular moment in the game that’s actually derived from a basic understanding of how traditional song structure works, so if you’ve got an ear for music, you might understandably struggle with this breakout. more esoteric head. Don’t worry, here we’ll explain how to beat the Jester’s Thinking Sanctuary backstory Chapter 2.

What to do in the Darkest Dungeon 2 Jester Chapter 2

Darkest Dungeon 2 jester chapter 2

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Once Music of the Night begins, you take on the role of the young jester trying to outdo the macabre violinist in a group battle, although this is Darkest Dungeon, it’s all done via turn-based combat. However, the basis here is to respond appropriately to what he is doing. You both take turns playing the next section of a current song, so you need to choose the appropriate beats. As far as we know, the violinist has a set pattern that he does every time, so you can use our guide below to adopt the exact demeanor needed to bring him down with the power of music.

  1. The violinist plays: Introduction
  2. Player’s response: Verse
  3. The violinist plays: Chorus
  4. Player’s response: Verse
  5. The violinist plays: Chorus
  6. Player’s response: Bridge
  7. The violinist plays: misstep
  8. Player’s response: Solo (this will do 30 damage to the violinist)
  9. The violinist plays: Verse
  10. Player’s response: Chorus
  11. The violinist plays: Verse
  12. Player’s response: Chorus
  13. The violinist plays: Solo
  14. Player’s response: Final (this should be a fatal blow for the violinist)

This final epic is over, the violinist will… uh, somehow turn to dust, and the jester will be declared the winner, marking the end of this chapter. As a reward, you’ll get a Mastery Point, along with the permanent Unlocking of the Harvest skill, a weaker attack that hits both mid-tier enemies and bleeds them, making it ideal for inflicting status effects. It’s a good price, especially if you follow our guide to the best team in Darkest Dungeon 2, of which the Jester is an integral part.

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