Darkest Dungeon: 10 tips for beginners

Darkest Dungeon is a brutal, roguelike turn-based RPG that breaks the minds of its characters and players. He has a unique outlook on dungeon adventure and chooses to focus on psychological stress and the effects of dungeon exploration and constant near-death encounters.

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There are many mechanics present in Darkest Dungeon that new players might be confused by. Managing long-term parties is something you might never have thought about in previous gaming experiences, and it all might be a little too much to deal with. However, taking it step by step and adopting the right mindset can save you a lot of stress.

ten Know what you’re getting into

Darkest Dungeon is a ruthless game. You won’t be successful if you go for it like any other turn-based RPG. There is no strength in friendship like any JRPG will make you believe; your party is not going to have a good time.

That being said, lighten up a bit. A group cleanup isn’t that bad and it can happen frequently as you get used to the game mechanics. There’s no need to start a new save, just keep pushing. You will save yourself a lot of stress if you treat your party members like replaceable pawns. So, uh … Try not to name them your friends.

9 Bring a healer

There aren’t a lot of ways to heal in Darkest Dungeon, especially not in combat. You need to bring a healer into your party at the start of the game. Later, you can experience party formation a bit more if you are confident and think you can handle it.

While you are still new, try to conserve your food and trust your healer. Random hunger checks will ruin you if you’re not careful, so it’s best to keep food on hand unless you run out or really need it.

8 Keep your light level high

Artwork of the Darkest Dungeon Classes

As a general rule of thumb, always keep your light levels above 75. This allows for better accuracy – which matters a lot in Darkest Dungeon – and easier recognition. As a new player who isn’t used to the game, keeping the light levels high minimizes the randomness of the dungeon and won’t make you lose sight of it.

If your light level drops below 75, you are likely to take more stress damage. If the light level drops below 50, the accuracy and damage of monsters increases and there is a chance that enemies will surprise you. Keep torches with you at all times.

7 Be picky with your heroes

Darkest Dungeon Heroes Collage

At the start you need all the heroes you can get. However, once you return from a dungeon or two, you need to choose wisely who you bring with you. Start thinking about forming a team and paying close attention to quirks.

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There is very little room for error. Choosing heroes whose quirks and merits match their role is a must. If you have a tank, it’s usually a good idea to make sure it doesn’t have an oddity that lowers its HP.

6 Improve your stage coach

In-game screenshot of Darkest Dungeon Stage Coach

You want to have more heroes and you do that by improving your diligence. Early in the game, it’s a safe decision and strongly encouraged. You always want to have a good number of heroes on hand in your roster if a game is deleted. Along with the ability to recruit more heroes, there are also more reels for potentially strong heroes.

Once you get the hang of it, you should feel free to look around and upgrade to other facilities that will come in handy later in the game. For now, the diligence is working fine.

5 Don’t be afraid of longer dungeons

Of course, there is no shame in doing a small dungeon while you get used to the game. However, don’t be put off by medium or long dungeons. You might perform better in these dungeons for a number of reasons.

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Longer dungeons have camping, which allows you to: heal, relieve stress, and regain some of your light level. Camping at the right time could save you in the middle of a dungeon race. Let’s also not forget that longer dungeons give you the chance to come out with better loot.

4 Keep track of your stress

Official Darkest Dungeon Affliction Art

Stress is a major mechanic in Darkest Dungeon and one of the unique characteristics that make it absolutely painful to play (in a good way). As such, keeping track of your group’s stress and how to handle it is a pretty important part of the game.

Your heroes will suffer from negative status effects and behave much worse in combat. Send them to a tavern or abbey, camp, use stress healing skills in dungeons, or unlock curiosities to deal with stress. You will also be stressed out, but not as much as if you were playing other games.

3 Be wise with your gold

Screenshot of the game Darkest Dungeon Provision Shop

You won’t have a lot of money early in the game, so it’s best not to buy everything you see. Don’t try to upgrade every hero you have and don’t go out of your way to buy new skills. At first, it’s best to upgrade the ones you already own.

When you spend gold to treat your party, save it for the best members. If you recruit new heroes who already have the skills you are looking for, it saves you money and allows you to upgrade them further to match their designated role.

2 Know who to target

Darkest Dungeon Men-at-Arms Class

Prioritize enemies that deal stress damage over those that deal damage to your HP. It sounds strange, but stress is something that takes its toll long after the battle is over. Usually the enemies on the back line will be the ones who traumatize and inflict significant stress and HP damage on your heroes.

Getting heroes that can do good damage back is important when building your team due to the importance of stress damage. By extension, providing stress healers could also be beneficial if you struggle with this frequently. If you can stun, don’t hesitate to do it on the big hitters.

1 Don’t be afraid to check out the wiki

Darkest Dungeon, the hero reads a most disturbing passage

You are a new player and Darkest Dungeon has a lot of game mechanics that you may not be familiar with. There is no shame in checking out the wiki to familiarize yourself with traits, shop upgrades, or moves. This game is stressful enough as it is, don’t overdo it.

Checking the wiki for Curios can also save you a lot of headaches. Trinkets can be found in different places and react differently to certain objects. There is no shame in checking how it will react or how likely it is to get a random status effect before activating.

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