Dark Souls 3: the 10 best outfits

Even in a hardcore game like Dark Souls 3, fashion plays an important role. While good looks may not help players survive in the doomed and dangerous gaming world, sometimes a fashionable outfit is an important part of role-playing.

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Either the player decides to use a full armor set as is or chooses to combine pieces from different armor sets, there are endless possible combinations to find the perfect style. From cool boss outfits to jumpsuits that look like holy knights and dark priests, Dark Souls 3 has a bit of everything fashion-related, even for the most difficult to please gamers.

ten Vilhelm Set

The Vilhelm Set is an outfit acquired through the Ashes of Ariandel DLC, located at the Ariandel Chapel Bonfire. Characterized by the classic dark color Dark souls vibe, it looks like a short poncho in the front and a medium sized cape in the back. Its best part is that it looks surprisingly clean for a Dark souls Game. In addition, the dark but detailed gold lines that are sewn onto this weave is a great elegant detail.

9 Orderly set

Fight Sister Friede in Dark Souls 3

Inspired by one of the toughest bosses in Dark Souls 3, the Orderly Ensemble is Sister Friede’s armor. Dressing in Friede’s classic gray colored robe in PvP can overwhelm the opponent just by making them remember the difficult times he had against Sister Friede.

Plus, it can be combined with one of the most powerful weapons in the game, Friede’s Great Scythe. This completes it all and makes the player feel like an endgame boss that players will have a hard time defeating.

8 Fire Guardian Set

Covered in a black and gray robe, the Firekeeper is a great option in Dark Souls 3. Since the player looks like a monk or a priest, it can be perfectly matched with a magical build.

The only thing that the Fire Keeper set lacks, however, is a great headset. While players can keep it as is if they wish to show their face, some solid alternatives to maintain the Dark Priest vibe are the Exile Mask and the Dark Mask.

7 Oriental armor set

Eastern armor is one of the coolest armor sets in the game. The thick red and gold armor makes the player look like a mighty warrior, even slightly resembling a Japanese samurai.

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While the set looks great the way it is, a solid change would be to replace the mask with the Painting Guardian balaclava for a more unique approach. Either way, this is one of those builds that works well for a strong warrior charging straight into battle.

6 Archdeacon’s set

Player wearing the Archdeacon set to Irithyll of the Borreal Valley in Dark Souls 3.

For a holy church priest look, the Archdeacon set is one of the best options available. It’s a perfect match for magic builds, as it provides the relevant combat stats as well.

Although he was inspired by the Deacons of the Deep, one of the less intimidating bosses in Dark Souls 3, the armor set itself is a stylish option. As a white robe with cleric-like gold and red lined details, the Archdeacon set is a complete set that keeps mage users in style.

5 Sun armor

One of the funniest armor sets in the game is the Sun Armor set, inspired by Solaire of Astora, a sympathetic NPC with a mysterious questline. The most characteristic piece of the armor set is the bright yellow and skeptical orange sun located in the center of the chest piece.

Combined with the Praise the Sun emote, this can be one of the most intimidating ways to get into PvP combat. As one of the few armor sets that stands out against the dark vibe of the game, Armor of the Sun is a great option to be on trend.

4 Set of black hand

The Black Hand Set is characterized by its sturdy details in an outfit that resembles a cowboy in the Dark Souls 3 universe. With a long fedora hat, starting a PvP duel with it is like saying “this corrupt world is not big enough for both of us”. In an ideal world, Dark Souls 3 Would also include a revolver to complete the cowboy vibe, but, for now, it’s as close as the player can get.

3 Black witch set

Dark souls 3‘s The city of the rings The DLC features some of the toughest bosses in the game, but it also includes the stylish Black Witch set. Although it’s called the Black Witch Set, it’s actually purple in color. This is one of the prettiest sets for female magic users, as it looks perfectly like a witch with her long purple dress.

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In addition, this set offers two options regarding the headrest. The player can either use the Black Witch Hat, which is a classic plus size purple witch hat, or the Witch Veil. The latter makes the player look like a real spooky purple ghost.

2 Wolf knight set

Why Artorias is Dark Souls' most tragic character

Influenced by the most tragic character of Dark souls, Artorias, the Wolf Knight Set is one of the thinnest armor sets in the game. It is silver colored armor with small blue fabric details around it which gives a unique vibe to the wearer. If combined with Friede’s large scythe, it can be one of the prettiest builds in the game focused on the blue and silver color combinations.

1 Desert Pyromancer

One of the most unique sets of Dark Souls 3 is the pyromancer of the desert. With only the necessary clothing in the form of gloves, a corset, and a skirt, Desert Pyromancer is arguably one of the most revealing outfits in the game.

Still, its dark color scheme makes it a great option for assassin builds that focus on agility. This way Assassins can keep their armor light and movement speed as high as possible.

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