Dark Alliance gets co-op on the couch


The developers of Tuque confirm that Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance will benefit from split-screen co-op after launching during a livestream.

Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance releases next month, and the developers at Tuque Games have officially confirmed that split-screen co-op is coming to the next-gen action brawler.

In a recent developer feed, Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance Lead game designer Kevin Neibert has announced that the upcoming title will offer split-screen co-op in addition to online co-op. Neibert joined a feed on the official Dark Alliance YouTube channel with tech host Alexandra Parent to showcase Dark Alliance gameplay while discussing the game with hosts Rhykker and Deejay Knight.

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During the recent Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance developer, Neibert and Parent led Rhykker and Deejay Knight through a dungeon filled with Draugr and Goblins while discussing the game’s upcoming release. The developers announced during the stream and on the Dark Alliance Twitter account where players can cooperate with friends at home and abroad, although couch cooperation is not available in Dark Alliance during launch.

The developers of Tuque have apparently received a lot of fan feedback that has inspired Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance to include local co-op in addition to online multiplayer. Apparently, Tuque’s main priority is to support two-player split-screen sofa co-op for Xbox Series X, PS5, and PC after launch. Although Tuque has not confirmed an official release date for Dark Alliance split screen, the team confirmed that they are working to get the feature ready for the first free DLC.

This free DLC for Dark Alliance will be released this summer and it will likely come with some additional changes for the game. Neibert and the live broadcast team have faced a variety of beasts throughout the four-player dungeon and emphasized the importance of the cooperative nature to the game. future. Dungeons and Dragons Thu.

This emphasis on the implementation of the cooperative experience in the local game in the Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance DLC release this summer will give players more freedom to know who they choose to dive into Dark Dungeons. Dark Alliance with. Local co-op play is limited to fewer games than online co-op, but fans who enjoy exploring new games with a loved one or roommate will have another title to explore when Dark Alliance comes out next month.

A strong team dynamic will be essential for success Dark Alliance runs upon release and split-screen co-op with the first DLC will help Dungeons and Dragons fans stay on the same page as their dungeon exploration partners. Considering split screen is a top priority for Tuque once Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance versions, it shouldn’t be long in the summer before the feature is added.

Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance released for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X / S on June 22.

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