‘Danger!’ puts Milwaukee in the spotlight with a whole class of clues

“Spoiler alert: For those obsessed with “Jeopardy!”, the following contains answers to some of the clues from Wednesday night’s episode of “Jeopardy!”

Milwaukee had a little “Jeopardy!” I loved it Wednesday night and managed to get it in before the weather alerts got ushered out.

Five news personalities from WDJT-TV (Channel 58) read answers to questions about Milwaukee on Wednesday night’s edition of “Jeopardy!”

The highly rated syndicated game show often calls on news anchors from the stations that air the show to read answers to questions about the station’s city, under the “Current Clues” category.

Channel 58 presenters Amanda Porterfield, Mike Strehlow, Mike Curkov and Natalie Shepherd, and Nicole Koglin, former presenter and director of strategic initiatives at Channel 58, each recorded clues on questions in the category.

As it turns out, “Milwaukee: News Clues” ended up being the first category the contestants dove into as soon as they were introduced by host Mayim Bialik.

Returning champion Megan Wachspress, an attorney from Berkeley, Calif., selected the category’s first $200 answer, read by Strehlow:

“The years ending in 3 and 8 bring great celebrations for this company. In 2018, its 115th anniversary brought 6,500 cyclists to Wisconsin Avenue.”

Wachspress is right: “Who is Harley-Davidson?

Curkov read the next clue, for $400.

“In 1969, Milwaukee Bucks management was thrilled to introduce this new player who quickly led the team to its first championship. He lived in an apartment in Juneau Village with a specially raised door frame.”

Wachspress guessed: “Who is Wilt Chamberlain?”


Gregory Scruggs, a reporter from Seattle, correctly answered, “Who is Kareem Abdul-Jabbar?” (In fact, at the time the question covers, he was known as Lew Alcindor. But close enough for game shows.)

Scruggs opted to stay in Brew City for the $600 question, read by Koglin:

“It’s not as big as Comic Con, but thousands of people attend Gary Con in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, where Gary Gygax invented this pioneering role-playing game. You can get your dice blessed near the Riviera Fountain. “

Scruggs rang first and got it right: “What is Dungeons & Dragons?”

It returned to the category, for $800. Porterfield read the clue:

“Milwaukee’s German heritage is celebrated with a summer festival along Lake Michigan, or, more quietly, with monuments throughout the city, like that of Schiller and that German Romantic writer friend and colleague.”

Scruggs buzzed first again, and was right again: “Who was Goethe?”

He decided to tweak the category by asking for the $1,000 index. Shepard read:

“The Milwaukee Art Museum now has wings designed by geniuses from both ends of Europe. In 2001, a new pavilion with a movable sunscreen designed by Spaniard Santiago Calatrava joined the original building designed by this Finnish modernist. “

Scruggs guessed, “Who was Eeno Sarnin?” Close, but not quite.

Peggy Gibbons, a legal writer from Toronto, then buzzed: “Who was Saarinen?

Bialik added the architect’s first name, Eero Saarinen, to confirm that Gibbons was correct.

Shortly after, in Milwaukee “Jeopardy!” was preempted for Channel 58’s coverage of Wednesday night’s dangerous storms in central Wisconsin.

The show never returned to show who won. (Spoiler: Although he didn’t recognize Abdul-Jabbar, Wachspress won again.)

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