Cyberpunk Title Gamedec to be released in Asian markets

Many games provide the opportunity to be a cyberpunk sleuth. But do they offer a wide range of choices? Does each of them affect the world (s) around you? Immerse yourself in the digital and real landscapes of the city of Warsaw. It’s your job as Gamedec to solve both IRL crimes and in the digital world.

Gamedec Release date and features

Asian publisher Whisper Games and Anshar Studios recently announced a partnership on Gamedec. Thanks to this agreement, players in Asian markets will be able to play as cyberpunk detectives. Gamedec will launch on PC in China, Japan, South Korea and elsewhere in Asia. In addition, the game will have a localized language in Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Japanese and Korean. This is all an effort by the developers to further expand their player base. With so many players in Asian markets, it’s only natural for developers to want to grow.

If you are not familiar with Gamedec, here are some characteristics:

  • PNJ with Intel – Interact with the characters of the world to get information about the surveys. As you collect this information, you will be presented with several different dialogue options. It all depends on your specific profession and your acquired knowledge.
  • Codex of deduction – It is your most important tool. It will allow you to decipher the information acquired and resolve the relevant cases. Are you going to do poetic justice or take a more nefarious path as a cyberpunk sleuth?
  • Who are you? – Choose the traits that best match your desired playing style. Do you want to be known as a Gamedec who does good? Or do you prefer to find a solution to your problem at all costs?

Immerse yourself in a world that adapts to every choice you make. Gamedec will be released worldwide on September 16, 2021. Play the demo on Steam now. And join the Discord to stay up to date on game news and developments.

Are you ready to enter the rocky world of the city of Warsaw? Let me know in the comments!

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