Cyberpunk face mask lets you breathe easily and show your emotions


As humanity increasingly strives on its dark, neon-lit path to a cyberpunk future, standard gear continues to evolve to match the theme. Anyone who seeks to flourish Bladerunner, for example, has a long list of bright jackets and tactical boots to choose from. Now Razer Inc. is adding a next-level N95 face mask to the list of dys-utopian equipment. The one that looks like something Bane would wear while jogging.

The edge took over Razer’s new face mask, which the Singaporean-American company calls Project Hazel. Razer gave a moderate preview of Project Hazel in a video released by the company in January. But only claimed more recently – at this year’s E3 video game trade event – that it would be available in the fourth quarter of 2021.

In the video above, the company’s design director Charlie Bolton gives an overview of the mask and why the company makes it. Bolton notes that now people are “well and truly settled into this ‘new normal’,” they are looking for masks that are safe, social and durable. Indeed, this last target is difficult to achieve; a recent scientific report notes that the masks and other disposable PPE that people have thrown away are negatively impacting wildlife around the world.

With those purposes in mind, Project Hazel has a clear mouth coating and two N95 filters. (Which, although able to block droplets, are still under study by the WHO regarding the effectiveness against the prevention of the contraction of COVID-19. the The CDC also notes that N95 respirators need to be tested regularly to be effective.) Project Hazel masks also have “active ventilation” which Razer says is good for 95% bacterial filtration efficiency.

A slide showing the benefits of Razer Inc.'s new N95 cyberpunk mask.


As for the price and the exact date of marketing of the mask, details are scarce. The CEO of the company only said that the mask will fall off at the start of the fourth quarter of this year. Whatever the price, however, it will be interesting to see if Razer’s masks spread. They will still produce operating waste with their disposable filters, of course. And the same filters will also increase in cost over time. But then they look cyberpunk AF, which, again, is apparently the theme of humanity these days.

The selected image: Razer


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