Cyberpunk Electronics innovator GravaStar comes out of orbit with a series of stellar sci-fi-themed Bluetooth speakers


LOS ANGELES, January 4, 2022 / PRNewswire / – GravaStar ( officially announced the launch of its totally unique sci-fi-themed TWS Bluetooth speakers and earphones, intended to reinvent the 21 channelst the sound of the century must look and feel. After a successful Indiegogo campaign for the Mars Bluetooth speaker put the company on its current trajectory, GravaStar’s team of craftspeople, designers, engineers, gamers and other creatives continued to develop more futuristic sound devices.

In 2021, GravaStar also launched its latest TWS headphones. Sirius Pro and Sirius on Indiegogo. GravaStar’s designs continue to combine a Mecha-style aesthetic with a robotic aesthetic in products that are as beautiful and fun to look at as they are to use.

All GravaStar electronic devices are available exclusively on the company’s website, which regularly runs seasonal promotions and other exclusive promotions.

“We don’t just make speakers and audio devices here – we create the art of audio engineering,” said Yong, founder and engineer of GravaStar. “It’s part of the basics and something our customers are excited to see. We’ve done a lot of work on the important little details of each model: our speakers and headphones are collector’s items in addition to being functional. From day one we knew we were doing something completely unusual and revolutionary – purely cyberpunk products designed as individual characters. We wanted our products to stand out, be different and provide a literally unforgettable experience. And that same goal will continue to guide the future direction of our business as well – unique and impressive designs, better quality, pure listening pleasure. We make it just cool! “

GravaStar: Mars Pro

  • Designs such as: Special Edition “Aurochs”, Black, Shark 14, War Damaged Yellow and White.
  • Dual speakers, 20W output, deeper bass, zinc alloy shells, multiple dynamic LED lights, touch volume control, 15 hour battery life and true wireless stereo.
  • Designed for audiophiles, proprietary DSP audio algorithms deliver deep bass, crisp mids, crisp high notes, and room-filling sound. The technology produces very clear and punchy bass even at low volumes, allowing listeners to hear and feel every note.
  • TWS Bluetooth V5.0 technology ensures perfect stereo surround sound by pairing two Mars Pro speakers.
  • Some high-end models include fun DIY, with detachable parts that are easy to put on and take off – users can create and customize each speaker to suit its personality and style.
  • Each sci-fi design has a clean and sleek exterior look, made from strong zinc alloy materials that are lightweight and built to last – resistant to scratches and damage if dropped.

GravaStar: Sirius Pro Headphones

  • Equipped with Knowles balanced armatures and dynamic 7.2mm drivers so listeners can hear it all; harsh bass that can be felt deep in the bones, with orchestral sound.
  • In-ear sensing, zinc alloy charging case and environmental noise cancellation to eliminate all unwanted background noise, while enhancing human voice sounds – crystal clear calls every time.
  • Six RGB lights and three sound modes for an extraordinary experience: Game Mode, Movie Mode and Music Mode.
  • Worry-free battery built with enough power for up to 16 hours of listening time (four hours of continuous play in the buds, with three additional charges in the case).

GravaStar: professional opinions

“… The GravaStar speaker is decent and offers a respectable, clear, and powerful output for its small size and speaker shape. Plus, you get more than just a speaker. Its futuristic design and lighting accents make it look great. give the impression of being a little more of a collector’s item and off-the-shelf talker. ” – engaged

“… the GravaStar makes a compelling visual statement.” – E&T Magazine

“This Bluetooth speaker may look like an AI monster from The Matrix, but it sounds great. Zoeao’s GravaStar is the strangest Bluetooth speaker I’ve reviewed, but that’s a good thing. ” –TNW, the next Web

Go online to check out the latest models, including the GravaStar X Dunhuang, as well as speakers, headphones, charging bases, and EDC gadgets like iPhone cases. And for the latest updates on product development, follow the company on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

About GravaStar: “Be cool, play! “
Founded in 2019 by legendary industrial designer and engineer Yong, the GravaStar team is made up of designers, artisans, draftsmen, engineers, gamers, music fans, explorers and other visionaries working together. to create cool things. After a successful launch of Indiegogo in 2019 that propelled GravaStar’s flagship product, the Mars Bluetooth Speaker, into the limelight, the company followed with a second speaker, the Venus, as well as the next frontier of sound: the Sirius Pro Earbuds. GravaStar reimagines traditional household appliances with its own unique touch – creating stylish products for users who want to be different. See all models on:

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Nancy ahn, Co-founder
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