Cyberpunk adventure game Primordia is now available on Switch

Primordia is now available on the Nintendo Switch

Primordia is a pixel-art cyberpunk adventure game that is available now on the Nintendo Switch. The game was adored by critics and fans alike when it launched on PC, and now it has the chance to reach even more people. Always a good thing, and an adventure game is fantastic to play in bed.

Primordia is set in the future, where humans have survived the machines they created. The player will follow Horatio Nullbuilt, a stoic android who is said to be content to spend his days in the junkyard he calls home, training with his sarcastic sidekick Crispin and ruminating on the teachings of the Book of Man. With his power source depleted, Horatio must travel to Metropol, the city of glass and light. And when he gets there, he’ll find that everything he thought he understood isn’t what it seems.

Primordia is a fantastic game if you like adventure games. Puzzles often have multiple solutions and the game features multiple endings with developer commentary. A perfect reason to play again and see all that Primordia has to offer.

Primordia on the Switch seems like a great way to play the game. The Switch is perfect for adventure games. Adventure games are perfect for relaxing in bed before going to sleep. Explore the post-apocalyptic land, then sleep a full 8 hours. Well, try not to get a full 8 hours of sleep.

I missed Primordia when it launched, but the Switch version intrigued me. I’m a fan of adventure games because I love character-driven stories and exploration.

Are you interested in Primordia on Switch? Have you ever played on PC? Let us know in the comments below!

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