Cyberpunk 2077 video shows cut subway system

It’s been well over a year since Cyberpunk 2077 launched, and almost a full decade since CD Projekt Red first started teasing its arrival. Hard to believe, and the overriding reason why, when it finally came to the end of 2020, it just couldn’t live up to the hype. In fact, Cyberpunk didn’t even live up to the hype because even after eight years, it still wasn’t finished.

Another big issue some of those who have been waiting years for the game to arrive with Cyberpunk is how different it was from what was teased. Back in 2018, an early, or possibly late, trailer for the game showed off a working subway system. Fast forward two years, and a working Metro of any description, other than a handful of points you can use to fast travel, was nowhere to be found.


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A clip taken from this four-year-old trailer and shared by someone who tagged himself CDPR_AdamBadowski on YouTube shows the construction and bare bones of what would have been Cyberpunk’s subway system. Further proof that at one time it was planned to have an easy and convenient way to get around Night City. Somewhere along the way, those plans got scrapped.

While this would have been an extremely cool addition to the game, it’s probably for the best that at some point between 2018 and launch, CDPR decided to cut it. A subway system on top of everything the team had to try and prepare for Cyberpunk’s arrival would have left the game even more broken than it was in 2020. Now here we are, more than one year later, and CDPR is still trying to resolve the issues encountered at launch. For your information, it has also been confirmed that there are currently no plans to add a working subway system to the game.

CDPR continues to fix and update Cyberpunk, but they’ve also revealed what their next big thing will be. The reveal of a new Witcher logo submerged in snow caused a social media frenzy last month. Whoever made CDPR point out that he hadn’t announced The Witcher 4. Until he clarifies exactly what his new Witcher project will be, that’s what we’ll collectively call it.

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