Cyberpunk 2077 Senior Gameplay Designer Joins Fable Development Team


Information about a new hire at Playground Games reveals that the lead game designer on Fable worked on Cyberpunk 2077’s combat systems.

In 2020, Xbox announced that a new Fable was in development at Playground Games, as a new team emerged from the studio known for the Forza Horizon racing game series. Obviously, this is a very intriguing combination. This will be Playground’s first out of the box game, not to mention the return of one of Xbox’s most beloved franchises. However, information is scarce, as the game is still in its infancy. This is why a job change of Cyberpunk 2077 dev CD Projekt Red to Playground deserves to be highlighted.

It is now confirmed that PaweÅ‚ KapaÅ‚a has been hired by Playground Games for the role of Principal Gameplay Designer. Registered on KapaÅ‚a’s LinkedIn account, he writes that he is responsible for “the design and implementation of Combat in Fable. “Clearly, this is a very big role to fill, regardless of the employee’s experience. After all, a new hire takes responsibility for a new one. Fable The game’s combat system is a lot of responsibility.

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It appears, however, that Playground Games took the hiring for the job very seriously, as KapaÅ‚a has some legitimate experience behind it. KapaÅ‚a’s previous work was with CD Projekt Red, where he held the role of Senior Gameplay Designer. KapaÅ‚a started with CD Projekt Red in 2014, just before the release of The Witcher 3, where he worked on enemies, encounters, and AI. From 2019 he worked on Cyberpunk 2077melee and firearm combat systems, as well as in-game weapon balancing.

Kapasa Playground Games

Obviously, it is impossible to draw precise conclusions from a key Cyberpunk 2077 combat designer now designing combat for Fable, but it raises eyebrows. After all, there is a rumor that the new Fable will present both first and third person perspectives, so KapaÅ‚a’s first person Cyberpunk 2077 design experience could be directly applicable to Fable. It is also rumored that the new Fable will not feature weapons, although it may feature bows and spells. As such, it’s easy to imagine how a senior combat designer gaining experience from a massive game like Cyberpunk 2077 and bring it to a franchise like Fable could be beneficial.

One assumption worth making is that Playground’s plans for Fable are going to be a lot more complex and mature than the previous games in the franchise. The original Fable the games had a relatively simple system for combat and skill progression. KapaÅ‚a is capable of much more, which would correspond to the more mature presentation presented in Fabletrailer of.

It will eventually be some time before players see what Playground is up to with its new Fable Game. Expectations are very high for the reboot of the franchise, however, especially from a studio like Playground, known for their exceptional games. Let in Cyberpunk 2077The combat designer may prove to be somewhat controversial, but it’s also evident that Playground is taking the project seriously.

Fable is in development for PC and Xbox Series X / S.

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