Cyberpunk 2077 Secret, Inaccessible Location Found

Some suspect this is cut content rather than an easter egg.

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Few games make you ask yourself the question “Is this a bug or a feature?” more so than Cyberpunk 2077. The ambitious RPG goes even further, often making you wonder if you’ve uncovered a secret left by the developers, or the persistence of some cut content.

That’s exactly the case with this latest discovery in the Cyberpunk community. A player climbing around Night City came across a strange setting, which looks like a cross between a hideout and a shrine. It would generally not be accessible if you traveled on foot, which raises questions as to the purpose of the location.

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Spotted by Reddit user KamilCesaro, the very modest hideout can apparently only be reached with a bit of platforming. There is a door that looks as if it were an entrance, but it is blocked, prohibiting all access to the usual crossing.

In the video we can see poker set up with cards and chips. The highlight, however, is a statue of a four-armed figure next to a bonsai tree. That’s an odd amount of detail for a generic area to fill with NPCs, so it’s likely this was part of a mission at some point in development.

It’s a probable theory, given that the door is walled up. These areas are scattered throughout the game, a holdover from a time when there was perhaps more to do in Night City outside of going from mission to mission.

As we previously reported, another fan was thrilled to finally find a door the game let them open – only to find there was another inaccessible door on the other side. As neat as these finds are, they may just point to a game that needed more time in the oven, and developers who were completely overworked.

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